World’s Toughest Job – MOM

I just saw this video today. I’m a little behind on what is going on in internet land because we are repainting our flat, and with three small kids underfoot, you can imagine how much a of a challenge that is.

First of all, it is an amazing marketing strategy for selling Mother’s Day cards! Secondly, I wish they would have mentioned that many times you are not even allowed to go the bathroom alone. That would have gotten some interesting reactions!

Did the video make me cry a little? Yes, ok. I’m only human after all. And to be honest, I have no ideas for Mother’s Day this year. Sometimes I think that moms with tiny children should get a pass on Mother’s Day, because usually I am planning my own mother and mother-in-law’s presents in the midst of trying to be a sane mother of three and it can be overwhelming. Am I a terrible daughter for saying that? I feel like mothers of adults remember what it was like when their kids were tiny and all encompassing. For the last few years, all I wanted on Mother’s Day was to sleep in! That is pretty much the only gift I want on Mother’s Day and on my birthday.

Moms out there, you do have a tough job! I just want you to know that I appreciate you and I am right there with you.

Moms Unite!!! (In sleeping in on Mother’s Day hopefully)


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