Phil & Teds Verve: The Ultimate Double Stroller

About 9 months ago we decided to upgrade to the Phil & Teds Verve stroller with Doubles Kit. We already had the Dash, a stroller that I loved, but there were a few features on it that drove me crazy. First of all, it didn’t fold with the doubles kit on it, and it was so difficult to fold and unfold that my hubby always had to do it for me. This was a huge problem for us because we live on the first floor, and in Europe that means we have to go up stairs to get to our flat. It was also a pain to adjust the straps, and with two kids constantly wanting to switch between the front and the back seat, I wanted it to be easier. The main feature that we wanted was the two front wheels as opposed to our one front wheel because the stroller would tip when getting it off of the bus, which was dangerous for the kids and for me.

The girls in our old stroller, Phil & Teds Dash

When the Verve stroller came out, I could see that they had addressed all of my problems with the Dash, and along with those addressed issues came a hefty price tag, so we decided to see if we could sell the Dash. We ended up selling it for 80 dollars less than we paid for it in the first place to a couple that had a newborn and a 2 year old. I am telling you, these things hold their value! But enough about that, let’s dive right into the Verve review!!

Kati and Timo in the Verve with the Doubles Kit on the back.

Phil & Teds Verve 2011 with Doubles Kit

Travelability: 5/5 This stroller is super easy to open and fits into the back of our tiny Skoda Fabia… which means it can probably fit into any trunk. It goes up and down curbs easily and goes on and off the bus and metro without tipping thanks to the two front wheels. The shocks make the ride nice and smooth for the kids.

Maneuverability: 5/5 This thing could turn on a dime, again the shocks and the two front wheels make a huge difference, but in a positive way.

Sturdiness: 4/5 Everything is great except for a few fabric issues. The under basket came unraveled within the first month of use, which should not happen when you spend almost $900 on a stroller (I’m talking to you Phil & Teds!). The problem is that the Doubles Kit presses on a certain spot when it is folded. I plan on using a patch kit and sewing it up myself (just like I did on the Dash when I had fabric problems on that).

Kid Pleasing: 5/5 This super comfortable stroller makes all of our kids happy. I would say though that I don’t know how comfortable a 6 year old would be in the large seat because their legs would dangle. Phil & Teds says that a 6 year old can ride in the front, but my 5 year old will no longer fit if she has another growth spurt any time soon. My newborn son LOVES this stroller. He is so comfy all he can do in it is sleep. Plus I can adjust the straps while my kids are in their seats, and it only takes a minute! I was so excited about this feature. The back seat on the Doubles Kit also came with a sun shade and has three different positions of recline, which my kids love.

Timo chilling in the back seat.

Folding: 5/5 This stroller folds stupendously, even with the doubles kit on the back.

Price: 3/5 At a retail price of $820 (including doubles kit) this is the worst thing about this stroller. However, if you are going to expect a stroller to do all of the things that this stroller does, you have to be willing to shell out the big bucks. I found mine on for $740.

Weight: 5/5 28 lbs (13 kg) is a respectable weight for a double stroller. I can lift it my 5’5 foot self. The aluminum tubing on this model looks amazing and weighs less than the older models.

Overall Rating: 4.57/5

Would I recommend this stroller? If you have heavy duty stroller needs (including getting on and off the bus, metro, curb… you get the idea) then yes. If not, then I can’t justify spending so much on a stroller. But for our family, this stroller was worth every penny and met all of our stroller needs.

Here is what it looks like with the Doubles Kit in front, which is ideal for a toddler and a newborn.
Timo in the back, sleeping comfortably.

I wanted to show you pictures of kids actually using this stroller, so here are pictures of my own kids in it. My 5 year old and 3 year old can also fit in it as long as my 3 year old is riding in back. I hope you found this review helpful, and as always, feel free to leave a comment with any of your thoughts or questions. If you purchase one through this link you are helping me out (as an affiliate) and you won’t pay anything extra. Thanks!

Happy travels!


6 thoughts on “Phil & Teds Verve: The Ultimate Double Stroller

    1. You can purchase a new one on Amazon through the link above. I am not personally selling mine. I am keeping it as long as I have small children 🙂

  1. Hi,
    Nice review and adorable kids!:)
    Did you get your stroller with the smooth one hand infinite recline on the main seat?
    I purchased this same stroller online two weeks ago and it came with a totally different recline system than the one they advertise on websites and instructional videos!.. It is with a big buckle and velcro and it cannot be done with one hand..
    I’m very disappointed because all Phil and Teds told me when I emailed them about this was: that’s it. We basically lied to you. And we don’t care.

    I’m wondering if only I had this problem..

    1. Hi Yana,
      I was wondering where you purchased your stroller from (like what store or online shop) and what model you ordered. My Verve is two years old and it does have the one hand infinite recline system. My Dash had velcro and zippers several years ago before I switched to the Verve. Let me know the details and I will look into this more for you. Sorry about your stroller troubles 🙁
      Sincerely, Kristin

    1. Hi Allo,
      My Verve is a 2012, and the differences between that and the 2014 are minor, but the 2014 does end up being around 2 inches flatter when you fold it up, and it also weighs slightly less. I have been meaning to do an article on the differences, so maybe I’ll do that one soon. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Happy travels, Kristin

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