Trend Sprouting: Best Baby Travel Pillow EVER

awesome baby travel pillow

Trend Sprouting: Best Baby Travel Pillow EVER

Today I decided to go on a hunt for the next big baby trend, and I found this baby travel pillow. The first thing I thought when I saw this was, “Why wasn’t this invented twenty years ago?! I have needed one of these FOREVER!”

I am not exaggerating, this is something every parent will agree with me about. How many times have you had to fix your baby’s head because it looks like they are going to suffocate as they are hunched over in their car seat sleeping? This is something that has driven me crazy from day one! Unfortunately One Step Ahead’s website is closed until the end of July… so follow the link below a similar pillow made by BenBat and prevent having to pull over countless times on you next road trip to adjust your cutie pie’s head.
BenBat Travel Friends On The Go Head and Neck Support, Chic, 0-12 Months

And in case you want to make your own travel pillow, I have invented an awesome one that doesn’t break any patent laws… check it out here.

Happy travels!!


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