How I Roll – Traveling With Children

Traveling With KidsThis is what I look like on an actual trip, traveling with my children.

The only thing not pictured is our carry on with the car seat attached to it, but you can check out what that looks like in this post.

The Backpacking Backpack is a must, because it straps on in all kinds of places leaving your hands free for pulling your Trunki (and my youngest daughter). The shoulder purse also contributes to me being hands free. I switched to my large bag for this trip so I could carry all of our travel documents, and a few things for our youngest, like his water bottle, diapers, wipes and our iPad.

I also figured out on this trip that I could just stick our carry on bag on the umbrella stroller using a the handle! It worked out really well.

If you take a look at my hair, you will also notice it is in a high bun, ideal for staying out of my face, but up out of the way so it doesn’t interfere with my sleeping on the airplane (if all of kids are already asleep, of course).

So there you go, a look at our actual travel set up in action.

Happy Travels!!



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