Traveling While Pregnant: A New Series

Update February 5th, 2013: For a post related to this series check out Traveling While Pregnant: By Plane (Guest Post).

If you are dedicated reader of this blog (just let me pause to say how much I adore you!), you know that in less than two months we are expecting our third child to arrive. With that in mind, I thought it was only appropriate to do a series about traveling while pregnant. Travel is not only about airplanes and security, traveling comes in various different forms including road trips, bus rides, and adventures on the train. I want to walk you through all of these different adventures, while we try to maintain sanity while thinking about our bundle on the way. In addition to our new bundle, many of us also have to think about the best way to care for our other children while in our pregnant state, and this can get a little tricky when it comes to travel.

A Bump In The Road

Yesterday I figured out the hard way that Travis needs to be the parent paired with Katienne for getting on and off of the bus because she doesn’t like to step on the street when transferring from the sidewalk to the bus step. After both of us almost fell, I realized she didn’t understand that she could step onto the street first. Thankfully there was a Γιαγιά (Greek for “grandmother,” and also used to describe women of a certain age) there to help me out, and save Kati and I from a clumsy incident.

Here are the topics for the “Traveling While Pregnant” series:

May The Force Be With You: Mentally preparing to travel while pregnant

The Right Equipment: Choosing the right shoes and clothes for easy pregnant travel

I Didn’t Bend There Before: They joys of hormonal elasticity in your joints

Sitting, Standing, Or Lying: Comfort Mission Impossible

A Trip You Will Never Forget: How to pack a hospital bag and what to expect when you go to deliver your baby

So please join me over the next few weeks as we take this exciting journey into motherhood (for the first time or again) and figure out the best way to get around with this giant (or in my case, SUPER giant) belly.

Happy Travels!


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