Traveling While Pregnant: By Plane (Guest Post)

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I am so excited to introduce Sprouts En Route’s first guest blogger of the year, Autumn Wallace! Autumn has grown up traveling and is now getting ready to welcome her first child into the world! She is such a smart and wonderful young woman, I was really excited to be able to have her write a guest post. I thought she would be a perfect candidate to write about traveling on an airplane while pregnant since she just did it herself while moving from Budapest, Hungary to Arizona. I had the pleasure of meeting Autumn at the Bible College that Travis and I attended a few years ago. Since then Autumn has gotten married and is now expecting her first baby, a little boy! If you want to know more about her, please check out her blog here. I personally follow it and always enjoy reading her posts.

P.S. Autumn and I both are married to men named Travis. Super fun, right? 

And without further ado, here is Autumn, enjoy!!

Autumn, her husband Travis, and their little bun in the oven, Jeremiah Scott.
Autumn, her husband Travis, and their little bun in the oven, Jeremiah Scott.

Hi everyone !

My name is Autumn and Kristin asked me to share my experiences on traveling by plane during pregnancy. I am super honored and I hope that you will have a positive and comfortable experience. Any kind of travel requires planning, however flying during a pregnancy requires a bit of research, extra preparation, and a trip to the doctor’s office.

The first step of preparation is to look into your airlines policies regarding pregnant women. For most airlines you may fly up to 28 weeks without a doctors note, but you are required to have a doctors note after your 28th week and you may fly up to 36 weeks for a single, non-complicated pregnancy. I flew when I was 20 weeks pregnant and I still asked for a doctors note, just in case, which was a good decision because we were asked how far along I was and if I had a note from my doctor.

About a week before you fly I highly suggest taking extra good care of yourself! Get plenty of rest, drink water, eat healthy, be vigilant about your pre natal vitamins, and take your limit of vitamin C! I got 250mg tablets and popped those a few times a day. I also bought oranges and grapefruits, those were my snacks for the week.

I also took into consideration what I was going to wear. I knew that I wanted to be comfortable but stylish so I would feel a bit better about myself. I opted for maternity tights, a knee-length maternity dress, cardigan, scarf and flats. I was very comfortably warm, nothing was constricting my blood flow, and I felt very fresh the entire trip.

We had a 5 hour layover in London, Heathrow, which was plenty of time to make it to our connecting flight. We treated ourselves to a nice, light lunch at Gordan Ramsey’s restaurant, a Starbucks, and a few leisurely walks around our terminal. I was also drinking a ton of water during that five hour period, and making sure I was absolutely hydrated for the long haul. Our flight from London to Phoenix was ten hours long, and I knew that I wanted to drink at the very least 2 and a half liters of water during that flight. This was not only for hydration purpose but also to make sure I was getting up and moving around. Every hour or so, I would make a point to get up do a lap or two around our cabin and then go back to my seat and stretch. I felt a little silly, however when I made eye contact with a lady a few rows down doing the same thing, I felt less silly! I knew that what I was doing was healthy for me and my baby, and that I would feel better once we landed.

After landing in Phoenix, my mother in law commented at how refreshed and glowing I looked, and oddly enough I felt really great! I adjusted to the time difference much easier than I ever had before and jet lag was not really a problem. In fact my husband struggled a lot more than I did, I blame it on the fact that he did not drink nearly as much water nor move around as much as I did. These things are really important to travel, pregnant or not!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope that you will find yourself in the midst of a pleasant trip!
God Bless!


Thanks so much Autumn for your insights!! I’m sure all of the readers of SER appreciate them as well. So next time you are getting ready to travel pregnant make sure to pamper yourself, hydrate, move around, and wear layers so you can change what you are wearing as your temperature fluctuates! For most posts about traveling while pregnant, check out the series page.

Happy travels!!

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