Traveling While Pregnant: The Right Equipment

When you read the title of this post you might be thinking there is some magic belly support or transportation module that you need when you travel while pregnant, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Unless there is a working tele-porter that I don’t know is available to pregnant women, in which case, let me know because I’m all about that. I want to talk about the basic equipment for traveling (whether pregnant or not), good tennis shoes and comfy clothes.

I’m sure we all have our favorite travel clothes and tennies that we fall back on whenever we are going to be traveling for leisure, but things get a bit more tricky when you are pregnant. You have to deal with the fact that your feet are widening, your belly is bulging, and there are few other places that might be bulging as well… it’s ok, wear the few extra pounds (in my case some of that can be attributed to swelling) as a badge of honor because you are about to be a mommy! Now that I’ve given you a well deserved pep talk, let’s get down to picking the best travel wear for your trip.

When you are looking for good pregnancy shoes, don't get something that is full leather like these. Look for shoes that stretch and flex, ideally with some kind of mesh.

Starting at the bottom and working our way up, let’s talk about shoes. Tennis shoes that you can fit into when you are pregnant are a MUST. I am not saying to go drop 80 dollars on a pair of shoes that you are going to thrash (yes, you are going to thrash them, just accept it), but you need to find a decent pair of shoes that will last and tolerate the adequate swelling that will probably happen towards the end of your pregnancy. Here are my tips for finding shoes for your last 20 weeks:

-Check out Goodwill or the Salvation Army! Don’t cringe, you know you want to save all the money you can for those ridiculously cute tiny outfits your baby will only fit into for a month. Look at used shoes, check especially for wide (marked by “W”) sizes, and if you are buying ahead of time, make sure to buy at least half of a size bigger than you pre-pregnancy shoes size. Sometimes you can find really nice brands at used stores that are barely worn in. Make sure you try them on.

-Look in the clearance isle!! Normally you might not be willing to compromise on style, but those neon yellow trainers don’t really look THAT bad, do they? Scour through the clearance isles in your favorite sporting goods stores, and keep the sizing in mind. Always, always try on shoes and take them for a spin around the store in case the color is not the reason they are on clearance. There is nothing worse than spending money on shoes that pinch!

-Invest in inserts. Spending an extra ten dollars might make a world of difference for your feet and back. Remember that your lower back is taking a lot of the brunt of this pregnancy, and you want to pamper it whenever you can. Good inserts will do that, especially if you plan on being on your feet for hours.

Now onto the next item as we travel up the body, pants or shorts. You want to find something that is loose fitting in the belly area because prolonged pressure in that area is going to drive you crazy. At the same time you want to make sure the fit is not too baggy, because they will end up falling down a lot and will cause chaffing on your inner thigh. Not fun at all. I recommend something that has a full belly top that isn’t too tight, that way you can leave it scrunched around the lower half of you belly (in other words, don’t pull it all the way up). That is my favorite way to keep my belly comfortable without my pants or shorts falling down constantly. You can also wear maternity leggings or athletic pants or shorts. Those are fashionable, and super comfy.

That brings us to the top. You want to find a travel shirt that is not too tight, and goes well with your most comfortable bra. I tend to like longer shirts that I don’t have to worry about pulling down all of the time, especially towards the end of the pregnancy. As for a coat, find something that you can leave open and will keep your arms and shoulders warm. There are a lot of cute sweaters out there right now that are meant to be left open, and the great thing about it is it doesn’t even need to be maternity because you won’t be attempting to close it over your belly. And if your neck is getting cold, try a matching, loosely tied neck scarf.

There you are. Now you can be comfortably, sporty, and cute all at the same time! With the proper footwear and attire, traveling while pregnant will no longer seem like the obstacle it used to.

What is your favorite outfit to travel in?

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Happy Travels!


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