How To Travel With Your Kids Successfully

Welcome to Sprouts En Route!! This website is like one of my children. It has taken many years, posts, and crazy adventures to put it together. Maybe you are just starting out on your travel adventures with your family, or maybe you have already started, but you want things to go more smoothly next time. Whether you are a seasoned parent, or a newbie, I hope you will find the resources on this website helpful. I have so many articles, it may be difficult to know where to start, so let me help you out. Here are the most important articles for you to read before your next family trip, organized by category.

1. I’m New, I’m New, I Don’t Know What To Do

Deep breaths. You’ve got this. Taking the time to look for help shows that you are on the right path. Here are some posts that will help new parents navigate the world of travel with small children.

baby wearing on vacation

Shock and Awe: First Time Traveling Jitters

Things I’ve Learned About Traveling With Children

7 Initial Steps: Planning To Travel With Children

Traveling With A Nursing Infant

The Travel Syndrome

Dressing Your Kids For Travel

Dressing For An Easy Diaper Change

Child Safety and Travel: Establishing Rules and Boundaries

Packing Your Diaper Bag For A Day Trip

The Physical Demands of Traveling

Staying In A Hotel With Small Children

Don’t Let Them Guilt You! (A guide to dealing with unhappy fellow travelers)

Rest Stops & Potty Breaks

Just Breathe! (How to deal with the inevitable stress of being a parent)

The Best Guest: Staying in Someone’s Home

Keep Candy In Your Purse

A Day At The Beach

Baby Wearing While Traveling

A Travel Lesson From Aesop (You can’t please everyone all of the time)

The Perceived Reality Of A Parent

Parenting & The Art Of Distraction

Trash Is Toy Treasure

A Traveling Mom’s Guide To Breastfeeding In Public

Why I Love Traveling With A Family

2. In The Air

How to navigate the world of air travel with children.

infant in flight

How I Roll

Air Friendly Car Seat

Traveling With A Newborn or Infant By Plane

Flying With A 2 Year Old

Packing 101: How To Pack A Suitcase Efficiently

Waiting At The Airport: Time & Money

Searching For Airplane Tickets Online

Infant Flies Out of Parent’s Arms in Turbulent Flight

A Suitcase You Can Ride!

What Should I Pack In My Carry On Luggage?

Dealing With Jet Lag

Dear Jet Lag, I Hate You

Flying In Bad Weather

How to Spot Human Trafficking Victims at the Airport

3. Vroom – vroom.

Dealing with travel by car, whether you are head one hour away, or driving 6,500 miles in three weeks (yes, we did that with three kids, and it was fun).

child in carseat

Planning the Ultimate Family Road Trip

My Kid Gets Carsick, Now What?

Saving Money on Road Trips

Music For Everyone In The Family

Road Trip Sleeping Solutions

The Bubble Bum: Best Booster Ever

Encouraging Children To Get Along In The Car

Car Seat Laws that changed in 2014

4. Do It Yourself

Here is a collection of a few DIY travel tools that will make your next trip run more smoothly while saving you some money.

car seat luggage

Hitchin’ A Ride: Turn your carry on bag into a stroller using your car seat

DIY Alternative to Flimsy Stroller Cases

SER Baby Travel Pillow Tutorial

Child Travel Pillow Tutorial

DIY Travel High Chair For Wiggly Toddlers

5. Roadblocks

How to react when things do not go exactly as planned.

All three children alseep at 2300 (11pm) in the Mc Cafe in Vienna's International Airport.
All three children alseep at 2300 (11pm) in the Mc Cafe in Vienna’s International Airport.

Travel Gone Wrong

Things Get Lost

Plans Change

Follow Your Gut (Avoiding scams and tricks when traveling)

Traveling while Potty Training – Accidents Happen

Rain, Rain, Go Away (dealing with bad weather)

Traveling While Pregnant (series)

Gum In My Kids’ Hair

Of course, I have many other fun and informative posts about travel that I haven’t mentioned here, but I thought these would be a good starting point.

Happy travels,


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