Teeny Tiny Backpack

The Little Backpack

One thing we like to do with our daughters is involve them in the process of carrying luggage. This gives them a purpose, and makes them feel important and involved in the traveling process. This works on short or long trips, and our kids love it.

A small touch that goes a long way towards making your children feel like big helpers on your trip.

What You Need

-A small backpack for each child. We have a hello kitty backpack for our older daughter, and a Timmy Time backpack (shaped like Timmy of course) for our 2 year old. Make sure the backpack actually fits them.

-A water bottle. I recommend a non-leaking bottle or sippy cup. Hydration is very important, especially when traveling! For our older daughter we have a Sigg bottle, and for our younger daughter we have a sippy Nalgene bottle. Make sure you clean them regularly, especially a sippy cup because the directional suction inside that keeps it from leaking can get moldy pretty quickly.

-Favorite toys! When we travel our daughters each get to carry a favorite toy in their backpack. For Kati, it’s Waddles, her beloved penguin (which luckily we were able to find a smaller version because her regular Waddles is quite large). Small, light objects are ideal because they will fit in the backpack, and are easy to put away. Maybe Legos or Little Pet Shop Pets. A small set of crayons and a mini coloring book are also great for flights, or anywhere that will have a table.

Make sure their backpack is not too heavy.

This not only helps the kids to know when it’s time to move to the next thing, but it really helps them feel important in the whole scheme of traveling. Our kids know when I put their backpacks on, time to leave! And honestly, it is nice for them to be able to carry a few things, my bag is already full enough!

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