Packing 101: How To Pack A Suitcase Efficiently

The first important thing to think about when packing is what kind of suitcase you should use. The reason that I recommend hard cases with buckles instead of zippers is that zippers can break and then your expensive suitcase is useless. If you are going to get a suitcase with a zipper, make sure it is a soft suitcase like a rolling duffel bag. If you get a hard suitcase with a zipper (in the video the silver suitcase I use is one) you have to be really careful because the soft zipper mixed with the hard case can lead to stress on the zipper area, which means it will probably break a lot sooner than a complete hard case, or a complete soft case. I would never buy one of theses kinds of suitcases again.

When it comes to carry on luggage, I know I said that airlines don’t check the weight, and that is true with most airlines, but bargain airlines like German Wings and WIZ air will definitely be weighing them. So remember to stay within their very strict guidelines. This fits into that old saying, “You get what you pay for.” Read more