Flying With Children

As of this year I have been traveling with children for over 6 years. It doesn’t seem like that much time could have possibly passed, but I guess having an 8 year old proves that it did. Looking back I can remember all the major incidents, but I’m glad that I took the time to write down the smaller ones and which things really helped me along the way. As I was wandering around today, I noticed that I don’t actually have a post where all of my posts about flying with children are listed. So here it is – a list of all the posts I’ve written about flying with little ones.

Flying with children


Flying With Children

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Flying with children

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flying with children

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flying with children

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How I Roll – Traveling With Children

Traveling With KidsThis is what I look like on an actual trip, traveling with my children.

The only thing not pictured is our carry on with the car seat attached to it, but you can check out what that looks like in this post.

The Backpacking Backpack is a must, because it straps on in all kinds of places leaving your hands free for pulling your Trunki (and my youngest daughter). The shoulder purse also contributes to me being hands free. I switched to my large bag for this trip so I could carry all of our travel documents, and a few things for our youngest, like his water bottle, diapers, wipes and our iPad.

I also figured out on this trip that I could just stick our carry on bag on the umbrella stroller using a the handle! It worked out really well.

If you take a look at my hair, you will also notice it is in a high bun, ideal for staying out of my face, but up out of the way so it doesn’t interfere with my sleeping on the airplane (if all of kids are already asleep, of course).

So there you go, a look at our actual travel set up in action.

Happy Travels!!



A Suitcase You Can Ride!

On our first international trip as a family, Travis and I saw an invention that we wanted to buy for our daughters. We saw a family with a little girl that was riding on a pink suitcase that had wheels and a leash for her father to pull. Something smart, and practical. The only problem was that once we got home from our trip we couldn’t find it. I searched, “suitcase you can ride on,” in Google in countless ways, countless times, and I just couldn’t find anything. We would stop and look in various suitcase shops, still nothing. Finally, three years and various countries later, we found it in Athens, Greece at a store called “PreNatal.” We looked at the name, and went home and looked it up online before going back to the store to purchase one.

Katienne riding the Trunki through Athens International Airport.

I am going to introduce you to an awesome idea for any family with small children (from age 2 – 5), the Trunki. The Trunki is a suitcase you can, “pack, ride, & pull along,” according to their website. It is a company located in the UK, but it can be found under the Melissa & Doug umbrella in the US. I found it for sale online at

The interesting thing about this product, besides how much kids love it, is the response you will get when other people see you pulling your child on it. People in different airports were amazed and excited to see a rideable suitcase, and we got a lot of comments such as, “I wish I had an adult suitcase like that!”

We were able to pack all of Kati and Ksena’s airplane toys and coloring books along with their beloved stuffed animals, Waddles and Fee Fee. The only thing I would caution you about is going over bumps or dips because we did have one incident with Kati falling off when we were in JFK going from gate to gate when we went over a dip.

This product is a definite 5 out of 5, and I would totally recommend it for anyone with kids because it keeps the kids busy during long security lines, it works as an extra seat while waiting to be seated on the plane, and it also works as a way of transporting your tired kids through lengthy gate changes. This travel tool definitely made things a lot less complicated on our trip from Athens to Los Angeles. There are also cool accessories on their website like the “Trunki Tote 3 in 1” that fit into the Trunki, on the back of the passenger car seat, and triples as a tote bag to carry.

If you decide to go ahead and purchase a Trunki, I would love to hear what you think and see pictures of your little one enjoying it!

Happy travels!!


My Ultimate Amazon Traveling List

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a super awesome weekend. Today I spent a while looking on, making my very first “Listmania” list. That’s right, a list just for you all about traveling! It also has some of my personal wish list items on there, like the Trunki, the Radian car seat (the narrowest car seat on the market), and aspartame free gum.

Traveling With Kids

Please feel free to check out my list here, and happy travels!!