Coolest Baby Monitor EVER!

I know I have been posting a lot of Kickstarter campaigns lately, but I promise, this one is well worth the few minutes of your life!


The “Smart Button” can go on any of your child’s clothes, and tells you exactly how they are doing, and what position they are in. Read more

Getting Your US Passport

Disclaimer: This post may look like a beast, but I promise it is composed in a way that the information is easy to access, and all inclusive for your specific situation. Bear with me and I will help you navigate the waters of the US bureaucratic mumbo jumbo.


Before you can hop on a plane to a fabulous international destination, you need your passport. It used to be that if you were a US citizen and you were traveling to a bordering North American country (Canada or Mexico), all you needed was a birth certificate. But things have changed, and now you need your US passport any time you go outside of the country. You will need a passport for each person in your family, including of course your children. You need to start this process far ahead of time, especially if you are planning on traveling around the holidays because the Department of State gets a lot more applicaions around that time. Normal processing takes about six weeks, but it can take longer. You can also pay for expedited services, but who wants to spend extra money?

So how do you go about obtaining one of those blue, shiny books with your picture and information in it? Here are step by step instructions on how to get your US Passport. Read more