Are Agnes & Dora Clothes Good for Travel?

When my friend Nicole F. asked if I was interested in reviewing Agnes & Dora apparel for her, I was definitely curious. I had already seen a lot of women talking about these clothes on mommy boards and Instagram. Rewind to a few weeks before when my youngest daughter was helping me shop for clothes. She kept bringing me things I would never, never pick on my own, but that looked great once I tried them on. Though we didn’t buy anything that day, I made a mental note that I needed to be more open to my daughter’s suggestions. Everyone who knows her knows that she has a wicked sense of style rivaling that of Iris Apfel. So when Nicole asked me if I would pick something to try from her store, I asked her if I could let Kati pick something for me.

Look how cute it was packaged.

You see, I’m one of those people that is always in jeans and a geek themed t-shirt. Today I was getting ready for Comic Con International and I sewed/glued a batgirl cowl. I’m not really girly. But my daughter is. And she picked one of the more feminine options Nicole offered. I complied, eager to test my theory that my daughter can dress me better than I dress myself. You can see the results for yourself.

The big reveal!

Besides looking fabulous, I felt fabulous, too. One of my favorite things about this outfit is that the skirt is actually a cool and stretchy, perfect for a warm day like today, even though it looks like denim. Also, the skirt has pockets! Who doesn’t love pockets? The ruffles on the shirt are cute and also feel like the perfect length. If you’re wondering if Agnes & Dora is for you, I would definitely give them a try. Just make sure to follow the washing and drying instructions so you don’t ruin your cute new clothes.

Perfect for Travel

Have you ever left the airport feeling like a giant, dirty sock? I can totally relate. One of the things I love about these clothes is that they are comfortable, versatile, and they don’t get all wrinkled. If you want to feel wonderful while still looking fresh after jet setting, these are great travel clothes. I have heard that they are great for nursing and postpartum as well because they are stretchy and fit several sizes at once. Nice. Also the stretch helps them not to get wrecked when your child inevitably pulls on them (it’s not just my kids, right?).

To find out what Nicole F. Has in stock, please check out her ADorablessed Facebook group. She is super kind and helpful and she works so hard to make sure her customers have the best experience. Also she’s a mother of two very adorable kiddos, so spread the mommy love!

Happy Travels!


Stuffed Animal Backpack on Zulily

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 11.00.13 AMAs you know, I am always on the lookout for products that make traveling easier for families. This animal backpack looks interesting. I am always talking about how important it is to have a teeny tiny backpack when you travel with your kids. I don’t know how much you would actually be able to fit into this backpack since it also turns into a pillow. But I bet you would be able to fit a water bottle and some small coloring books. It is on sale at right now for about $10 off of the normal price and also comes in a purple unicorn, a frog, and penguin.

Happy travels,



Trend Sprouting: Best Baby Travel Pillow EVER

awesome baby travel pillow

Trend Sprouting: Best Baby Travel Pillow EVER

Today I decided to go on a hunt for the next big baby trend, and I found this baby travel pillow. The first thing I thought when I saw this was, “Why wasn’t this invented twenty years ago?! I have needed one of these FOREVER!”

I am not exaggerating, this is something every parent will agree with me about. How many times have you had to fix your baby’s head because it looks like they are going to suffocate as they are hunched over in their car seat sleeping? This is something that has driven me crazy from day one! Unfortunately One Step Ahead’s website is closed until the end of July… so follow the link below a similar pillow made by BenBat and prevent having to pull over countless times on you next road trip to adjust your cutie pie’s head.
BenBat Travel Friends On The Go Head and Neck Support, Chic, 0-12 Months

And in case you want to make your own travel pillow, I have invented an awesome one that doesn’t break any patent laws… check it out here.

Happy travels!!


Hands On: Tactile Travel

Katienne touching a sea star at the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Last week we were blessed to be able to go the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California with my mom, also known as “Mimi.” We had such a great time! There were wonderful things to see, and sounds to hear (such as the tropical bird exhibit that literally gave me a headache), but the thing that my kids were wonderfully surprised by was the way they experienced the aquarium through touch. They were able to use their hands and reach out and touch different sea animals. For them, this was a first, and it was the thing they wanted to go back do over again before we left. They got to touch bat rays, bamboo sharks, different kinds of star fish, sea anemones, and sea urchins (that had their tips trimmed of course).

Touching Bat Rays, they were seriously awesome!

It was an amazing opportunity for me, as a parent, to enjoy my children experiencing something totally new. You can see the joy on their faces (and mine). If you get a chance to take your children somewhere that they can actually touch things with their hands, you will be able to unlock a whole new way of learning for them. You could take them to a touch pool, like the ones at the aquarium, or a farm where they can touch animals and maybe even milk a cow or goat. You could also take them to a craft class where they can use their hands to create something. Whether you are on vacation or not, it is always a good idea to seek out opportunities to enhance your child’s learning.

Happy travels!!


A Suitcase You Can Ride!

On our first international trip as a family, Travis and I saw an invention that we wanted to buy for our daughters. We saw a family with a little girl that was riding on a pink suitcase that had wheels and a leash for her father to pull. Something smart, and practical. The only problem was that once we got home from our trip we couldn’t find it. I searched, “suitcase you can ride on,” in Google in countless ways, countless times, and I just couldn’t find anything. We would stop and look in various suitcase shops, still nothing. Finally, three years and various countries later, we found it in Athens, Greece at a store called “PreNatal.” We looked at the name, and went home and looked it up online before going back to the store to purchase one.

Katienne riding the Trunki through Athens International Airport.

I am going to introduce you to an awesome idea for any family with small children (from age 2 – 5), the Trunki. The Trunki is a suitcase you can, “pack, ride, & pull along,” according to their website. It is a company located in the UK, but it can be found under the Melissa & Doug umbrella in the US. I found it for sale online at

The interesting thing about this product, besides how much kids love it, is the response you will get when other people see you pulling your child on it. People in different airports were amazed and excited to see a rideable suitcase, and we got a lot of comments such as, “I wish I had an adult suitcase like that!”

We were able to pack all of Kati and Ksena’s airplane toys and coloring books along with their beloved stuffed animals, Waddles and Fee Fee. The only thing I would caution you about is going over bumps or dips because we did have one incident with Kati falling off when we were in JFK going from gate to gate when we went over a dip.

This product is a definite 5 out of 5, and I would totally recommend it for anyone with kids because it keeps the kids busy during long security lines, it works as an extra seat while waiting to be seated on the plane, and it also works as a way of transporting your tired kids through lengthy gate changes. This travel tool definitely made things a lot less complicated on our trip from Athens to Los Angeles. There are also cool accessories on their website like the “Trunki Tote 3 in 1” that fit into the Trunki, on the back of the passenger car seat, and triples as a tote bag to carry.

If you decide to go ahead and purchase a Trunki, I would love to hear what you think and see pictures of your little one enjoying it!

Happy travels!!