SER Baby Travel Pillow – Tutorial DIY

After certain people saw my original tutorial, depicting this version of a travel pillow…

This photo was taken for research purposes only.

They told me I was infringing on their patent. So I removed the tutorial.

BUT… I did not want to leave you all hanging, so I came up with an even better baby travel pillow that does not infringe on any patents that I know of (and yes I actually did quite a bit of research). A travel pillow doesn’t need more fluff. It doesn’t need to be circular at all. If you use this pattern, the right angles at the corners force the ends of the pillow together. And if that wasn’t enough, I also included how to make an attachment accessory that can strap to your car seat. You can also make a strap that goes around an airplane seat and use it on a plane with the bigger version of the pattern for older children.

a baby travel pillow tutorial diy
My little guy is over 12 months so he is on the large side for this pattern. Still, he loves it!!! Plus I don’t expect adding any new family members to test this out on anytime soon!

So here is the offical, “Sprouts En Route – Baby Travel Pillow – Tutorial DIY” made by yours truly.

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