Hoodsbee – Hoodie, Pillow, & Friend


A few months ago I posted about a Kickstarter campaign for the Hoodsbee, a hoodie that is also a pillow as well as a stuffed animal friend. Their website recently went live and they were kind enough to send me a couple to test out and review. I am so excited to tell you about these fun, multipurpose sweatshirts. These fleece sweatshirts are soft, warm, and best of all, they turn into a pillow friend when they are not needed as a jacket.Hoodsbee Shark

There are several different, fun characters for boys and girls. They are brightly colored and come in sizes 2T through size 7. My favorite features are the soft and stretchy wrist and waist bands that keep in warmth against cool wind.

Hoodsbee Ribbons the Monkey

My kids were immediately taken by the animal friend aspect of these hoodies. As a parent I was very happy with the sizing (accurate, not too big, not too small) and softness of the Hoodsbee. If you have a problem with your child keeping a hat on, I would definitely suggest these hoodies as alternatives. My kids did not want to wear them with the hoodie part down, and when you see how cute they are, you can understand why. Anchor the Shark and Ribbons the Monkey are definitely welcome additions to our family’s arsenal of travel tools. My daughter immediately noticed that the shape worked perfectly as a pillow and proceeded to lay down on the couch with it. Whether you are at home, or on the run, these hoodies are fun, practical, and comfortable.

Right now if you go to their website to purchase one they are sale. So head over to Hoodsbee.com and get ahead on your Christmas shopping.

Happy travels!

Kristin Spencer

DIY Travel High Chair Tutorial for Wiggly Toddlers

When I originally posted a photo of my son in the “Travel High Chair for Wiggly Toddlers” I made using two separate tutorials, I didn’t realize I would get so many emails asking for an actual tutorial on how I smashed these two ideas together.

DIY Travel High Chair 2 DIY Travel High Chair

I had every intention of measuring out the one I made and posting all the measurements online for you, but somewhere between unpacking and cleaning out our summer clothing I lost the actual Travel High Chair. Bummer. Hopefully it will turn up before our next road trip.

However, I made some drawings that should help you put one of your own together. As far as measurements, feel free to use the ones on this tutorial, however I found that for an 18 month old the measurements were too small. You also need to keep in mind what size chair you will be using it for. You should definitely measure the width of the top of the chair to make sure you make the top strap for the shoulder straps long enough in circumference. If I was going to make another one, I would use my child to make the correct measurements and then add an inch or two so there would be room for growth.

Let me just pause for a second to say this is not a beginner sewing project. In order to do all of this and make it look finished, I would say you probably need to be intermediate at sewing because of all the different pieces you need to put together to make something like this. The normal Travel High chair without the shoulder straps would be considered a beginner project.

Travel High Chair Tutorial for a Wiggly Toddler

DIY Travel High Chair Tutorial_1

The different pieces you need.
The different pieces you need. (Two of each, or four if you see the x2 mean you need 2 completed pieces of each of those items.)

There are three groups of sewing you need to do. The first group is the yellow group, also known as the shoulder strap group. I used velcro to keep the two straps together so my little guy wouldn’t squirm out. Make two straps that look like the letter T cut in half. Cut out four pieces and put two pieces together, wrong side out, to make each strap. Make sure to leave an opening to turn them right side out. Then make the top strap by taking two pieces, sewing them wrong side out, and leave both ends open so you can sew the elastic inside. Sew the half T shaped straps onto the bottom of the top strap. Add velcro to your straps as indicated on the drawing. Your first section is complete.

DIY Travel High Chair Tutorial_2

Next make the pink group, which are two straps that you will use to tie around you little one’s waist. Make sure they are long enough for you to have room to tie a bow! Tying a knot is going to be a pain to untie every single time you use your Travel High Chair.

DIY Travel High Chair Tutorial_3

Next cut out your green section. I used two pieces of cotton and then one piece of felt that I sewed on the outside so it would then be inside the final product, to add strength and padding. You are going to need to pin the Yellow Section and the Pink Section inside before you start sewing, so they will be on the outside once your pull your high hair right side out. Just make sure you pin it really well and go slow, so you don’t accidentally sew through part of the shoulder straps or waist straps that you don’t want to sew into!! And make sure you leave the back part open to turn everything right side out (I highlighted where the opening should be in blue).

DIY Travel High Chair Tutorial_4

DIY Travel High Chair Tutorial_6
Match up the colors where and pin them inside. The yellow for the bottom of the shoulder straps, and the pink for the waist straps. The blue is where you should leave an opening to pull everything right side out. Make the button holes last.

The last thing to do is sew the opening closed and put in two button holes that are long so the waist strap can go through them, keeping your child securely on the chair.

If you have any questions please feel free to post them below. I will try to answer them the best way I can.

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Awesome Apps for Kids: Where’s My Mickey?

Hey everyone!
I normally don’t post on Sunday but one of my most awesome information gatherer (my mother-in-law [HI MOM!]) sent me an email telling me that “Where’s My Mickey” is the free app this week, and since it is Sunday, that means that today is the last to download it! It is a fun, puzzle based game, where you try to get the water through the puzzle, while collecting stars.

Where's My Mickey in the iTunes app store

It is the same premise as “Where’s My Water?” a game that everyone in my family LOVES! The age says +4, but my youngest daughter was able to play some levels successfully while she was still 3. It is seriously fun and addictive. My girls are going to be so excited about this once they are off iPad restriction… dun dun dun!

So head on over to the iTunes store here, and download this fun game.

Happy Travels!


Stuffed Animal Backpack on Zulily

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 11.00.13 AMAs you know, I am always on the lookout for products that make traveling easier for families. This animal backpack looks interesting. I am always talking about how important it is to have a teeny tiny backpack when you travel with your kids. I don’t know how much you would actually be able to fit into this backpack since it also turns into a pillow. But I bet you would be able to fit a water bottle and some small coloring books. It is on sale at Zulily.com right now for about $10 off of the normal price and also comes in a purple unicorn, a frog, and penguin.

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Sago Mini Doodlecast – Free This Weekend!

I haven’t tested the Sago Mini Doodlecast app yet, but since it is only free for two days, I thought I would tell you about it as soon as possible. It is free through Sunday according to their newsletter. Click here for more information about the app.

Sago Mini Doodlecast