The Best Way to Get Rid of Lice 

A while ago I dedicated a post to dealing with your kids getting lice when you’re on vacation. You could also discover the creepy crawlies when you’re already on vacation, though now we check before leave for any place. Since then, I have made some awesome discoveries about getting rid of lice, because the olive oil & blow drying approach wasn’t working. The kids kept passing it to each other, and after three months of struggling against the disgusting creatures, we decided there had to be a better solution. But where did my kid catch lice during summer, you may ask. They caught it at Ikea in the kids’ area *insert sigh*. Through this whole process, I discovered two tools that will make killing lice a mere inconvenience instead of a horrendous nightmare.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Lice

Terminator Nit Comb

The Shampoo

In my previous post I said that lice shampoos do not work. I am not changing my opinion, the pesticide laden shampoo you can find at drug stores across the world do not work. But my husband did some research and found that there is a specific enzyme that dissolves lice and nits, while being totally safe for humans. In fact, pregnant and breastfeeding moms can use this enzyme shampoo, and you don’t have to wait a certain number of days between uses on your kids. You can use it every day if you want to, although I think that would be overkill. Pun intended. This shampoo only needs to be in your child’s hair for 15-20 minutes (each brand has slightly different instructions), and unlike the enzyme foam, there will be no live lice after use. In the US this brand seems to be the best value for the amount:

LiceLogic Clear & Free Shampoo

(This brand also makes a wonderful Peppermint Lice deterrent spray that I use on my kids every day. The only times they have gotten lice is when I forgotten the spray. My bad.)

and here is the European equivalent which I had to order from the UK… we couldn’t find any enzyme shampoo in our country. We tried the enzyme foam, but it didn’t completely kill the live bugs and did nothing to the eggs.

Lyclear Shampoo (this shampoo comes with a comb, but it was completely useless)

The Comb

Depending on whether you are ordering the comb from the US or Europe, the comb has two different names, but is exactly the same. I purchased them from different continents and compared them. The best lice comb in the US is called the:

LiceLogic Terminator Nit and Lice Comb 

On the other side of the pond, the comb is called the

Nitty Gritty Nit Comb 

This comb is unique in that is removes lice and nits. No other comb has come close to removing any nits, and this thing works! For our younger daughter, it got the eggs out even when her hair was dry. She has thick hair, as in, even the individual strands are thick. For our older daughter the comb did not remove eggs while her hair was dry, it needed to be wet. Both combs recommend wet hair with conditioner rubbed in. We got a plastic hair parter and some banana clips from our local hair supply place, and sectioned the hair into four to six sections. Once you run the comb through the hair, wipe it on a napkin or paper towel before moving to the next strands of hair. The Nitty Gritty comb comes with a lifetime warrantee. If the comb breaks, you can send it to them and they will send you a replacement.

Delousing the House

You still need to wash and dry their bedding and any clothes they wore while the lice infestation occurred, but once you treat them with the shampoo and comb, the clean sheets you put on don’t need to be changed again.

An Extra Step Because I’m Paranoid

My ongoing battles with lice have created a certain amount of paranoia. Because of this, I choose to flat iron the kids’ hair after all of the treatment to heat any existing eggs to death. I made sure to stay close to the scalp because they eggs are usually about 10 cm from their head. I don’t know if any nits existed after using the combs, but I wanted to be extra careful.

Next Time I Travel

I plan to create a “Lice Travel Kit” with one comb, a small amount of enzyme shampoo in my toiletry bag, a plastic parting comb, and six banana clips just in case. Being away from home and not having what you need to kill these little buggers is stressful and unnecessary. Becoming an expert on treating lice was never something I aspired to, but it happened. Learn from my mistakes and create your own “Lice Travel Kit” if you will be traveling for prolonged periods.

May your future travels be fun and lice free.

Happy travels,


Mighty Mug Product Review

Mighty Mug : The Mug That Won’t Fall Over from Mighty Mug on Vimeo.

The Mighty Mug – The Ultimate Travel Mug

Every day I receive offers to promote products, kickstarter campaigns, and subscriptions on this blog. Honestly, a lot of times, I say no. I don’t want to waste your time, even if it means I get free stuff. When I heard from one of the representatives of Mighty Mug, I was super excited, because they actually have products that make traveling better. They were kind enough to send me my very own Mighty Mug so I could test it and write a review for you. All of the opinions you read below are mine, and they in no way influenced these opinions. They also want to give you a chance to win your own Mighty Mug, and they ship internationally, so this giveaway is also open for all my global readers!

Mighty Mug_1

Not Your Ordinary Travel Mug

The market is saturated with choices for your hot beverage travel, but the Mighty Mug is different. It has patented technology that makes it impossible to knock over. The instructions say that if a surface is curved, or it is textured, then the Mighty Mug won’t work. I found that to be accurate information. So, it is very likely that it wouldn’t work on the inside of your car. However, if you are like me, you don’t care about that because that is what your car cup holders are for. This mug does make my travel routine a lot easier. Let me share with you what a typical travel day set up would be for me.

Mighty Mug_kid proof
This is not him acting, but genuinely befuddled.

Everyone is dressed, and taking turns in the bathroom. I have just started to pack everything we will need for the day, and have set everything I haven’t packed on the dining room table. Now that I am finished tying shoes, I can finally make my coffee. I drink coffee almost every day, and in fact I also count it as my breakfast, and I want it hot, not luke warm (yuck). So I make my coffee, in whatever 5 minutes I can squeeze into our travel prep, and put it in my travel mug. Then I place the mug on the dining room table next to my purse so I don’t forget it. Enter curious children. My three year old especially wants my coffee. I don’t understand why, but he likes it (and no, I don’t take sugar in my coffee). I was interested to see how my son would respond to the Mighty Mug. He couldn’t knock it sideways, and he couldn’t open it. Score one for the tired mommies out there! Before I would have to guard the table to keep him from opening my mug and spilling it, or even worse, drinking it!

Testing the Mighty Mug

This thing is ingenious. Even though you can’t knock it over accidentally, you can lift it easily if you just pull straight up from the table. I really appreciate the engineering that went into this product, because you can tell they thought about what would make the consumer happy. This product works so well, that they even include a warning that you should not punch it from the side.

Mighty Mug_2

I thought that was a ridiculous warning to include in the instructions, but I have to admit I was tempted to see just how strong of a force this travel mug could take. My husband was too, and I actually had to remind him that it said no punching on the instructions. I also filled the mug with hot coffee and screwed the lid on before shaking it violently upside down over my sink. Not a drop leaked. Several hours later, my coffee was still hot.

The Price

Although this is an amazing feat of engineering, one of the things I find the most impressive about this mug is the price. It is around the same price as many of the travel mugs you find at other places, but it won’t tip over. They also come in a large variety of colors (I got my favorite color, teal), and are now available in Stainless Steel as well. Plus they have options for non-coffee drinkers, including a straw option which I am tempted to order for our kids to use during smoothie time. The mugs, cups, and desk mugs range in price from $14.99 to $24.99.

Just For You

Mighty Mug wants you to have the opportunity to test one out for yourself. They are going to be giving away one $30 gift certificate to one of you lovely readers. Anyone can enter and the contest will run until Monday, October 12th. So head on over and enter now.

I am really impressed with this product, and I think you will be too. Thanks Mighty Mug.

Happy travels,


Trend Sprouting – The Piggyback Rider

The Piggyback Rider

Every once in a while I see something amazing on the internet, and I feel the need to let you know about it. I call this Trend Sprouting. You know… Sprouts En Route.. Trend Spotting… Trend Sprouting. Never mind, onto the post —->

The Piggyback Rider

Today while surfing Pinterest, I saw a pin for The Piggyback Rider, which was invented by some like-minded parents. This is SUCH a great idea. I wish I had thought of it, but since I didn’t, at least someone did. This would be a great travel tool for any family with small kids. It is a bit pricey at $129.99 for the one with the hydra pack (for water) and $109.99 for the basic model. But if you have a toddler that has outgrown the carrier option and you will doing major traveling, this may very well be worth the money for your family.

Happy travels,


SipSnap Spill-Proof Kid’s Drinking Lid – Product Review

Last year I posted about a Kickstarter Campaign for a product called the SipSnap. I thought it was a great concept. The idea is that instead of carrying around a sippy cup, you have a little lid in your bag that fits on any cup, and turns it into a spill-proof cup. For example if you are at a restaurant. Or perhaps if you are on an airplane (that is going to be my favorite use for this awesome product, I can tell already). You can even get a travel case so you can throw it in, and wash it later.

sip snap review

Well, the SipSnap Spill-Proof Kid’s Drinking Lid is now available for purchase, and they were kind enough to send me a few so I could review them for you. My first impression of these lids is that they are easy to use, easy to clean, and my kids love them. My son has suddenly started desiring a cup of milk after breakfast, and I thought this was a great opportunity to test out the straw option, also known as the SipSnap KID. My only complaint is that I wish they offered a reusable straw for parents that want it, because I would buy one for use at home. I loved how easy it was to use, and how I didn’t have to worry about him spilling milk all over the table. Trust me, the irony of me trying to keep him from spilling milk isn’t lost on me.

They also make one called SipSnap TOT which does not need a straw. It is for tots. In other words it has a spill-proof spout that is ideal for smaller kids.

I have read on Pinterest that people think these lids are too expensive, but I disagree. They are product of convenience. It makes you life easier, it is not a necessity. I think three of them for $19 is completely fair. No one is forcing you to purchase them, but if you are looking for an easy solution when you go out as a family for dinner, I would highly recommend it. It is a creative solution to a problem many parents face. Well done, SipSnap. I will definitely be using your SipSnaps for a long time.

Happy travels,


Fingerless Gloves – Traveling Moms in Winter

I don’t know how the weather is in your part of the world, but here in Athens it has been getting pretty cold. In fact we have had a few days of soft, white flakes, that melt as soon as they touch the ground. Today we decided to have a fun day with the kids, since they go back to school tomorrow, and all proceeded to bundle up in scarves, hats, coats, and lastly, gloves. Today I want to talk about why fingerless gloves are great for traveling moms.

fingerless gloves traveling moms

My Mom is Crafty

Rewind to when my mom last visited Athens in May of 2013. She spent the long flight here crocheting a pair of fingerless gloves for me. The reason being I told her that they are the best for photographers since you have to have your finger tips free to adjust the different settings when you are shooting in manual (and if you are calling yourself a photographer, you had better be shooting in manual). I have been using them since then, whenever it is a little chilly out, but today I realized how useful they are for mothers.

The Nightmare That Is Bundling Children For Winter Weather

When you have a pack of children that need your help with winter bundling, there is always a complicated thought process. You have to get their shoes on before their coats, because or else they won’t be able to bend over to tie their shoes. You have to get their scarves on after their coats because you don’t want to risk getting their scarf stuck in the coat zipper, again. And then there are the gloves. They MUST go on last because with gloves on everything else becomes impossible. Have you ever seen a five year old zip a coast successfully with gloves on? I have not.

Time On The Clock

Then you have to think about when you, their mother, will find time to put your own things on, because once they are bundled, the clock starts ticking. It is only a matter of time before they start complaining about how hot and sweaty they are as they wait for you to get ready. This is where the fingerless glove comes in!

You can get yourself ready, and still be able to tie shoes, zip zippers, get their tiny fingers into tiny gloves, and pack your purse. Your fingers are free!!

Following The Trend

Luckily fingerless gloves are pretty popular right now, and come in many different styles. You can get ones like mine, that don’t have individual holes. If you are looking for a little extra staying power, you can find ones with finger holes. There are even ones that have a mitten option to slip over your fingers when you want to save your finger tips from frost bite (personally I just mooch the warmth off of whichever child’s hand I happen to be holding). If you have a crafty mom like I do, I’m sure you can talk her into making you a pair.

I also love how easy it is to get things out of my bag with fingerless gloves. Taking them on and off again over and over is annoying, in my opinion. So there you go, one more travel tool to add to your personal arsenal of Traveling Mom items you cannot live without.

I hope your winter is full of fluffy scarves, rosy cheeks, and cheerful children.

Happy travels,