Awesome Apps For Kids: Three Free Apps

Yesterday I was looking through the App Store for a few goodies to keep my kiddos occupied after homework as NaNoWriMo winds down. Mommy (that’s me) has 11,000 words two write to finish the first draft of her first novel. I was delighted to find a few for free, and though I would share them with you all. Here are today’s free awesome apps for kids.

Toca Kitchen Monsters by Toca Boca AB

Toca Monster Kitchen

This is definitely a boy game. I’m not saying girls can’t play it, but it has all the aspects of a game that would make it appealing to a little guy. You get to chop food, or process it… cook it, all in the disgustingly dirty kitchen of a cute little monster. My son loves it.

Fairy Tales by Sago Mini

Sago Mini Fairy Tales

This is another one of the Sago Mini games where you go around a limited world and experience different options. It is similar to Sago Flyer or Boats in that aspect. But once again, still super fun and my kids all like it.

Toca Tailor by Toca Boca AB

Toca Tailor

In this game you design outfits for the characters. That’s it. It is fun, but also limited. Still, it’s free. My girls like designing outfits, so it suits them.

So there you go, three different fun apps to choose from for your kids to play as you travel to wherever you are going for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy travels from Sprouts En Route.

Awesome Apps for Kids: Sago Mini Boats

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all getting settled back into your school year. Our kids start school next week. I wanted to take a minute to let you know that Boats by Sago Mini is free right now. I have no idea how long it will be free, so go snap it up while you can. My son has watched the preview video for this game at least a hundred times, so he is going to be elated when notices it on the iPad whenever he plays on it next.

Here is the link —–> Sago Mini Boats

sago mini boats

Remember that when Apps are free, now instead of free they say, “Get.”

Happy travels,


Awesome Apps for Kids – Road Trip Game

This week Sago Mini has been giving away their app, “Road Trip” for free. I know it is Sunday, and I don’t normally do posts on Sunday, but I wanted to make sure that you had an opportunity to get this app while it is free.

Road Trip App Sago Mini

Road Trip Game

The premise of this app, Road Trip by Sago Mini, is that you are going to visit a friend in your vehicle. Your child gets to choose which friend they will visit. They then pack a suitcase, choose one of many vehicles, and then load the suitcase in the back. Along the way they can fill up at the gas station (which counts up to 100), and jump their vehicle, much to their character’s delight.

My two year old loves this app, but so do my 6 and 8 year old. Go figure. The different vehicles and destinations offer many possibilities, which means they could play with this app for a while. If you are planning a road trip, why not give this app a chance, and let your little one plan a road trip of their own. Thanks Sago Mini, for another fun and kid friendly game.

Happy Travels,


Awesome Apps for Kids – Ocean Swimmer

ocean swimmer app sago mini review

Today I was innocently browsing kids apps for my two year old, and I discovered that Ocean Swimmer, by Sago Mini, is currently free! Don’t let the new iTunes store wording confuse you, if something is free, now it says, “Get,” instead of, “Free.” This change was made to help Apple avoid lawsuits based on in-app purchases, but regardless, it is still free.

I think this game is adorable. It is like Sago Mini’s other game, Forest Flyer, except even cuter! My 2 year old really loves watching the fish swim, and interact with other characters. If your kids love Forest Flyer, they will probably like this game even better. There are a few Sago Mini regulars, like Jinja the cat and Harvey the dog, along with new characters, like a sea monster, a silly shark, and a family of ducks. Watch out for the little one 😉

Well done, Sago Mini. You are one of my favorite app developers. I know I can trust that your apps will be safe and entertaining for my kids.

Make sure to click on the link above to get this app for free, for a limited time. I hope that it entertains your little one on your next trip.

Happy travels,


Sago Mini Doodlecast – Free This Weekend!

Sago Mini Doodlecast

This fun game combines drawing and music, and even has a playback that lets you see the process you used to draw your picture from start until finish. My kids have enjoyed this game for several months and this weekend you can find it free here. I would gage the age on this game from 2 to 6.

Happy travels!!