Child Safety and Travel: Teaching Children about Strangers

This post is part of the Child Safety and Travel series.

This is the metro stop we use every time we go to church. It is pretty much always packed with people since it is the station that takes you to the Acropolis.
This is the metro stop we use every time we go to church. It is pretty much always packed with strangers since it is the station that takes you to the Acropolis.

When you travel there are going to be strangers around you and your children constantly. The important thing is to work with your children ahead of time, incorporating safety principles into your every day life. Whether you travel or not, these are important things you should be teaching your children about strangers.

Make sure your child knows that a stranger is anyone they don’t know very well. Not all strangers look intimidating or frightening like the mean characters in stories or movies. We even teach our children that anyone you don’t know that knows your name is a stranger. This is important in the information wide world we live in. Someone could look up your kids names on Facebook or notice they have a name on their bracelet. People that try to manipulate children will often use their name as a way to start a conversation with your child and may even use your name as a way to make your child feel safe with them. “Hi little Johnny, your mommy Susan said I should take you home from school today.” In this situation our kids know to run, run, run!

There are also good strangers. I cover information on how to introduce your child to figures of authority in this article. And make sure that your child knows to seek help in public places, where there are many other people that will hear them if they scream for help.

One of the most valuable things a parent can do for their child is coach them on how to handle dangerous situations. The National Crime Prevention Council advocates, “No, Go, Yell, Tell.” Because it is easy to remember. Your children should say no, run as fast as they can, be as loud as they can, and find a helpful adult. Read more

Child Safety and Travel: Careful vs. Paranoid

Welcome to the first official post of the “Travel and Child Safety” series!! I am so excited to write this series as we think through safe travel with our little ones. I know I am definitely going to do a lot of serious thinking and learning as this series progresses.

The first thing I want to discuss is why we need to keep safety in mind while traveling. The point of thinking about strangers, unplanned events, and unpredictable circumstances is not to create fear. Fear is our enemy here. We don’t want to let fear in because fear can easily take over and ruin our vacations and lives. The reason we discuss topics like safety is to become aware. If we are aware of things that need to be addressed, we can prepare as much as possible. Being careful and being paranoid are two totally different things.

When you see a sign like this on the road, do you slow down and proceed carefully, or stop driving all together?
When you see a sign like this on the road, do you slow down and proceed carefully, or stop driving all together?

Let’s take a look at these two distinctive ideas through the lens of a traveling situation. Read more

Child Safety and Travel: A New Series

Hey everyone,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!! Our was not the best, Travis gave me the gift that keeps on giving, his cold. But he did take super good care of me while I was recovering. Thank God none of the kids have gotten it yet. And this morning we made a wonderful discovery (after a very long night of crying), Timo has his first tooth!! He is getting so big already, it makes me happy and sad at the same time. That is especially true since this will be our last baby (unless God has plans we don’t know about). Now onto some news about a new series I am super excited about.

travel safety

We have been out with the kids a lot lately and I started thinking about all the little things we do that specifically have to do with safety. I was talking to Travis about it and he suggested that I write a series all about child safety when traveling. I am thrilled to start this series titled, “Child Safety and Travel.” I plan on going over everything from physical safety to stranger awareness and airport security. First of all let me give you a little background about me that you won’t find under the About page. I worked for a Police Department as a Clerical Assistant for 10 years on and off while going to high school, college, and even after Ksena was born. My job was to turn written reports into digital ones, and I have seen more reports having to do with children than anyone should ever see (one is too many in my opinion). My husband is also extremely aware of public safety as a former security officer and police officer. I will definitely be getting his input when writing these articles. And no, we did not meet at the police department, in case you were wondering.

Here are the articles I plan on writing over the next few months (this is a larger series than I have done in the past, but it is so important!):

Establishing Rules and Boundaries

-Physical Safety and Child Restraints in Planes, Trains, Cars, and Buses

Standards to Teach Your Children about Strangers

Dealing with Figures of Authority

-Human Trafficking

-Creating Awareness, Not Fear

Holding Hands: A New Technique

-Never Leave Your Child Unattended

-Keeping Track of Everyone

Restroom Safety

Careful vs. Paranoid

Of course, it is likely that this series will change as I write it (like they all do) and if you feel that I’ve left something out, please feel free to comment below. I will address any concerns or questions you have as we go. I’m not a perfect mom, by any means, I just do what I can to keep my kids safe, and I know you do the same. So let’s work together to become more aware as parents.

Happy travels!!