The Best Way to Get Rid of Lice 

A while ago I dedicated a post to dealing with your kids getting lice when you’re on vacation. You could also discover the creepy crawlies when you’re already on vacation, though now we check before leave for any place. Since then, I have made some awesome discoveries about getting rid of lice, because the olive oil & blow drying approach wasn’t working. The kids kept passing it to each other, and after three months of struggling against the disgusting creatures, we decided there had to be a better solution. But where did my kid catch lice during summer, you may ask. They caught it at Ikea in the kids’ area *insert sigh*. Through this whole process, I discovered two tools that will make killing lice a mere inconvenience instead of a horrendous nightmare.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Lice

Terminator Nit Comb

The Shampoo

In my previous post I said that lice shampoos do not work. I am not changing my opinion, the pesticide laden shampoo you can find at drug stores across the world do not work. But my husband did some research and found that there is a specific enzyme that dissolves lice and nits, while being totally safe for humans. In fact, pregnant and breastfeeding moms can use this enzyme shampoo, and you don’t have to wait a certain number of days between uses on your kids. You can use it every day if you want to, although I think that would be overkill. Pun intended. This shampoo only needs to be in your child’s hair for 15-20 minutes (each brand has slightly different instructions), and unlike the enzyme foam, there will be no live lice after use. In the US this brand seems to be the best value for the amount:

LiceLogic Clear & Free Shampoo

(This brand also makes a wonderful Peppermint Lice deterrent spray that I use on my kids every day. The only times they have gotten lice is when I forgotten the spray. My bad.)

and here is the European equivalent which I had to order from the UK… we couldn’t find any enzyme shampoo in our country. We tried the enzyme foam, but it didn’t completely kill the live bugs and did nothing to the eggs.

Lyclear Shampoo (this shampoo comes with a comb, but it was completely useless)

The Comb

Depending on whether you are ordering the comb from the US or Europe, the comb has two different names, but is exactly the same. I purchased them from different continents and compared them. The best lice comb in the US is called the:

LiceLogic Terminator Nit and Lice Comb 

On the other side of the pond, the comb is called the

Nitty Gritty Nit Comb 

This comb is unique in that is removes lice and nits. No other comb has come close to removing any nits, and this thing works! For our younger daughter, it got the eggs out even when her hair was dry. She has thick hair, as in, even the individual strands are thick. For our older daughter the comb did not remove eggs while her hair was dry, it needed to be wet. Both combs recommend wet hair with conditioner rubbed in. We got a plastic hair parter and some banana clips from our local hair supply place, and sectioned the hair into four to six sections. Once you run the comb through the hair, wipe it on a napkin or paper towel before moving to the next strands of hair. The Nitty Gritty comb comes with a lifetime warrantee. If the comb breaks, you can send it to them and they will send you a replacement.

Delousing the House

You still need to wash and dry their bedding and any clothes they wore while the lice infestation occurred, but once you treat them with the shampoo and comb, the clean sheets you put on don’t need to be changed again.

An Extra Step Because I’m Paranoid

My ongoing battles with lice have created a certain amount of paranoia. Because of this, I choose to flat iron the kids’ hair after all of the treatment to heat any existing eggs to death. I made sure to stay close to the scalp because they eggs are usually about 10 cm from their head. I don’t know if any nits existed after using the combs, but I wanted to be extra careful.

Next Time I Travel

I plan to create a “Lice Travel Kit” with one comb, a small amount of enzyme shampoo in my toiletry bag, a plastic parting comb, and six banana clips just in case. Being away from home and not having what you need to kill these little buggers is stressful and unnecessary. Becoming an expert on treating lice was never something I aspired to, but it happened. Learn from my mistakes and create your own “Lice Travel Kit” if you will be traveling for prolonged periods.

May your future travels be fun and lice free.

Happy travels,


Baby Product Recalls – Strollers, Pacifiers, Dehumidifiers

This is a quick update to let you know about three product recalls that I hope you already know about, but just in case, I want to make sure you are informed. These recalls are for the US and Canada.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 12.42.20 PM

The first recall is on the Britax B-Agile, B-Agile Double, and the BOB Motion Strollers.

Specifically models made between March 2011 and June 2013.

A hinge on the stroller can partially amputate (one case reported), lacerate, or break the operators finger. There have only been 8 reported cases total.

You can go to their websites, or and click on “Safety Notice.” You can also call 866-204-1665 or email them at

The second recall is on Dehumidifiers that can reportedly overheat and catch on fire. Yikes.

The models are GE 30, 40, 50, and 65-pint dehumidifiers. Apparently they have started quite a few fires. For more information you can call 866-853-2802 or visit their website,, and click on “Recall.”

The third recall is on Fred & Friends Chill Baby Artiste, Volume and Panic pacifiers.

The UPC’s are 72898702599 and 728987020605 and they were sold from April 2013 to December 2013.

Some of the parts can come off and cause a chocking hazard, and the ventilations holes are too small. There have been no injuries reported.

For more information you can call Fred & Friends at 855-346-6372, email them at, or visit their website,, and click on “Pacifier Recall.”

I hope none of these recalls have effected you in any way. Stay safe!!

For more information on recalls in general, check out this website from ABC News.

Happy Travels,


My Kid Gets Carsick, Now What?

While we were in Hungary on a month long trip, a very generous friend let us borrow her car while she was away for three weeks. Since we haven’t had a car for a while, we did not realize that my daughter, who never got carsick before, now gets sick on every lengthy ride if we drive in the early part of the day. Luckily, none of her “sickness” got on my friend’s car. But it did ruin her cute outfit and I was totally unprepared with a change of clothes.

Good times, until Ksena starts to feel queasy.
Good times, until Ksena starts to feel queasy.

So we pulled off to the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere, and went through half a pack of wipes cleaning her up. When we were finished she had wet shorts on, and a jacket over no shirt. Then I remembered that the friends we were meeting with had the same problem with their oldest daughter, and one phone call later, we were met with a tank top and skirt Ksena wore for the rest of the day. Read more

No Bathtub In Sight

When I wrote “Staying In A Hostel…“, an article about staying in a hostel with children, I mentioned that during your traveling career, there may be a few times when you are required to give an infant a shower instead of a bath. There may not always be a bathtub or large sink around, and if you are by yourself, this is even more tricky.

This an example of what you might encounter in a hostel or hotel room in Europe. Notice there is only a shower, and no bathtub.

The last time I stayed in a hostel was in Subotica, Serbia, when my youngest daughter was about 7 months old. I stayed there with my two girls while my husband stayed back with the main group, sleeping in sleeping bags on the church floor. We were on a four day mission trip, and my girls were totally exhausted and in need of a bath. My oldest daughter is a pro at taking showers because we haven’t lived in a place with a bathtub for most of her life, so that was not an issue. However, when I went to bathe my younger daughter, I realized that I was used to having Travis around to help me during this very slippery procedure. But, she needed a bath, so I decided just to go for it. It wasn’t the most elegant moment in my life, but she was clean. For your traveling pleasure, here is a run down of how to give a baby a bath when you are by yourself, in a room that is not equipped for this task.

Read more

When Travel Troubles Come – Ajándék lónak ne nézd a fogát!

You are probably wondering what the title of this post means, unless you are Hungarian, and then you know. It is the same thing as the American saying, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” This saying basically means when someone gives you something, or offers you something, and you need help, don’t question their motives or abilities. Why would I bring this proverb up, and why would I post it in Hungarian? Valid questions that I promise to answer by the end of this post.

I had to take a picture for posterity.

Today my husband and I (along with the girls of course) drove a friend to the airport in her car. We are in Hungary for a month, and since we have lived here before, the drive up the small highway triggered a flash back of our induction into family traveling. I wish I could say that it is a good memory, but at least we got home at all.

We decided to take a trip into the closest big city the second day we were in Hungary to get a few groceries that we couldn’t find in the village, so we took a bus. There were a few other Bible college students with us, and one of the students had his mother with him. They asked if they could come along, and we said sure, because we didn’t think the day was going to be a big deal. Wrong. It ended up being Hungarian Labor Day and the bus schedule was all messed up. We did our shopping and returned to our bus stop, only to find that three hours later, a bus had not come. My husband, Travis (an experienced traveler), suggested that we take a bus going the wrong way because he knew there was a main bus station one stop away, and we would definitely be able to take a bus from the main bus station. It was a very reasonable suggestion and it would have kept us out of the bad situation we ended up in, but the student’s mother refused, and Travis didn’t want to split up the group. So we continued to wait for a bus that finally came several more hours later. Read more