Hoodsbee – Hoodie, Pillow, & Friend


A few months ago I posted about a Kickstarter campaign for the Hoodsbee, a hoodie that is also a pillow as well as a stuffed animal friend. Their website recently went live and they were kind enough to send me a couple to test out and review. I am so excited to tell you about these fun, multipurpose sweatshirts. These fleece sweatshirts are soft, warm, and best of all, they turn into a pillow friend when they are not needed as a jacket.Hoodsbee Shark

There are several different, fun characters for boys and girls. They are brightly colored and come in sizes 2T through size 7. My favorite features are the soft and stretchy wrist and waist bands that keep in warmth against cool wind.

Hoodsbee Ribbons the Monkey

My kids were immediately taken by the animal friend aspect of these hoodies. As a parent I was very happy with the sizing (accurate, not too big, not too small) and softness of the Hoodsbee. If you have a problem with your child keeping a hat on, I would definitely suggest these hoodies as alternatives. My kids did not want to wear them with the hoodie part down, and when you see how cute they are, you can understand why. Anchor the Shark and Ribbons the Monkey are definitely welcome additions to our family’s arsenal of travel tools. My daughter immediately noticed that the shape worked perfectly as a pillow and proceeded to lay down on the couch with it. Whether you are at home, or on the run, these hoodies are fun, practical, and comfortable.

Right now if you go to their website to purchase one they are sale. So head over to Hoodsbee.com and get ahead on your Christmas shopping.

Happy travels!

Kristin Spencer

Hoodsbee – Hoodies, Travel Pillows, Friends – All in One


The Hoodsbee really piqued my interest. The title for their product is, “The Hoodie That Becomes A Plush Toy.”

I haven’t been posting many Kickstarter campaigns on here because I am constantly bombarded with requests to let my readers (you lovely people!) know about various campaigns. But this one piqued my interest because I feel like it would actually be a great addition for my traveling arsenal! It is a stylish child’s hoodie that easily transforms into a pillow pal. I know my kids would use this in the car, on the train, or any other place they need to rest their heads. Please consider helping these awesome inventors out. You can get a Hoodsbee for a $30 backing, which is a really good price that is competitive with other plain hoodies out there. For more information check out their kickstarter here, and hurry because their campaign ends in 15 days.

Happy travels!!!


Disclaimer: Although I have personally corresponded with an employee from the makers of the Hoodsbee and believe they fully intend to comply with their campaign, there have been recent campaigns where the company raises the funds and does not distribute the goods. Although this is rare, I feel it is my responsibility to share this with you.