Flying With Children

As of this year I have been traveling with children for over 6 years. It doesn’t seem like that much time could have possibly passed, but I guess having an 8 year old proves that it did. Looking back I can remember all the major incidents, but I’m glad that I took the time to write down the smaller ones and which things really helped me along the way. As I was wandering around today, I noticed that I don’t actually have a post where all of my posts about flying with children are listed. So here it is – a list of all the posts I’ve written about flying with little ones.

Flying with children


Flying With Children

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Flying with children

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One Bad Apple: Agricultural Customs On International Flights

When we finally got through to get our luggage in Philadelphia International Airport, everyone was really tired. It was a miracle we got the kids to walk through the line to get our suitcases and check them in for our domestic flight to Denver. While we were waiting for the luggage to come down the conveyer belt the kids noticed a cute little beagle accompanying a woman in uniform. I explained to them that the dog was a service dog and he was going to be checking everyone’s luggage for things that shouldn’t be in there. I was about to find out first hand that this was an agricultural dog.

apple agriculture airplane tsa

Once we got all of our bags the dog started going around and stopped on Ksena’s backpack. I was curious because I was sure there wasn’t anything in there that she shouldn’t have. Then when we opened the backpack we realized Ksena hadn’t eaten her apple because she was so air sick.

Then came the lecture…

Sometimes airport employees really irritate me. It’s not like I’m trying to break any rules. But I am traveling with three young children and covering thousands of miles. Can someone please show a little compassion? The lecture ended with a, “The next time this happens you are going to have to pay a large fine.” Great. Thanks.

Then we had to go through, have all of our bags rescanned, and hand them the apple (which they treated like something that was carrying the plague). If we hadn’t had a few hours in between flights this whole ordeal might have made us miss our connecting flight.

So please, learn from my mistake! Make sure you don’t accidentally take any fruit (even one small apple) off of the airplane when you are flying internationally. Take a second to look through your carry on luggage and throw away any fruit while you are still on the plane. I would say that you can avoid this by taking fruit with you on an international flight all together, but fruit is such a healthy snack. You really should bring a few pieces for your kids to counter act all the strange airline food.

The one positive thing that happened was that my kids got to see an extremely cute service dog in action.

And just in case this article wet your appetite for more reading regarding policies for flying with agriculture, you can find more detailed rules and regulations here and keep in mind that they do not allow fresh fruit through customs from one country to another on international flights (even though you cannot find that information anywhere on the TSA webiste).