Trying To Cool Off

A lot of times, we travel to cooler destinations when we find ourselves trapped in relentless hot weather. But right now we have a newborn and I’m honestly not feeling up to traveling yet (I guess having a baby will do that to your body!)… so we are exploring other options. Today I wanted to do a post about trying to keep cool at home.

Here is a quick list of things to do when it is hot out (right now it is a nice 35 degrees… 95 F)…

-Make popsicles. The flavor combinations are endless, and you can make them cheaply and relatively quickly. Get your pops in the freezer first thing in the morning and you should have a cool and refreshing snack by the late afternoon. You can pick up popsicle molds at almost any variety store like Target (or for other local Athenians, Jumbo).

-Get a tiny pool for your kids. We have one that measures just a meter across and fits on our balcony. Of course if you have a nice yard you can go with a bigger pool. Just make sure to keep your kids out of the sun from 12pm to 3pm, the hottest part of the day. And of course, use sunscreen. We put the awning down on our balcony so the kids are not in the sun at all. The pool cools them down and gives them something fun to do for a couple of hours.

-Water games! If you don’t want to deal with the pool option you can fill up a bucket and let the kids throw wet sponges at each other, or set up a water table where your kids can play with buckets. The key element here is water, obviously. There are many different ways to play and cool off with water at the same time.

-Play cave time. We close all the shutters, turn on the fans, and keep the house dark. You can accomplish the same thing by closing your blinds and/or curtains. The kids like playing in the “dark” and usually we put on a movie. This is a great time to bust out your popsicles.

-Wear cool clothes. Usually during this type of weather when it’s just us at home, we let the girls run around in tank tops and knit shorts. These are more of play clothes for them, but they are nice and cool lounging around the house.

These are just a few quick ideas. I hope they help you and your kids stay cool and happy.

What is your favorite hot day activity with your kids?

Happy travels!