Dealing with Head Lice

Though I believe this post contains useful information, please also make sure to read this updated post with better lice treatment options. Now back to the original post. 24 October 2016


One of the most dreadful things that could happen when you are traveling with your children (or just plain living with them) is that your kids get head lice. Up until this last week I had never experienced taking care of children with lice, only having lice myself as a kid. I was very blessed to be staying with my Mother-in-law when this whole thing started. The day she discovered them my husband was having a medical procedure done so she shooed me out the door and started the delousing process (louse is the singular of lice, in case you were curious). Three weeks later I am still dealing with these persistent little stinkers, but I have definitely learned a few lessons along the way. So here you go, important things you need to know about lice.

Children Head Lice

You will definitely know them when you see them.

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