PressReader: Keep Up With Current Events While You Travel

Happy Friday everyone! Last week I got an email from Ray over at PressReader asking me if I would be interested in reviewing their newspaper app. He said that it might be something that my readers would be interested in hearing about, since most of them are usually hopping from place to place. The set up was painless, and when I got the app up and running, I was really impressed. As most of you know, I live in Athens, Greece, and it has been a year and a half since I’ve been back to my home country, the USA. When I opened PressReader I saw something I hadn’t seen since we left Los Angeles, a complete American Newspaper!! That’s right, it’s just like having a traditional newspaper, with all the adds, the comics, and different pages organized in a familiar way. I like it so much better than looking through the newspaper websites (which is what I normally do). Call me old fashioned, but I prefer the individual pages with the bold headings and the easy to follow flow of a traditional paper. If you want to hone in on a specific article for bigger text and an easier read, all you have to do is click on the headline which is conveniently highlighted in blue. It also has a lot of different countries and languages on it. I was able to find a few Greek newspapers, and one also had it’s English counterpart right next to it. In fact, when I loaded it on my iPad, it figured out where I was and brought up a bunch of Greek papers. With 2,100 periodicals spanning 95 different countries in 54 languages, there are a lot of choices.

Two of the various different views on the iPad: whole page, or single article.

I don’t know if this is public knowledge, but I’m about tell you, so now it will be. My husband, Travis, is a news-a-holic. He spends at least 30 minutes every day keeping up with local news and also following his beloved Anaheim Angels (no… I’m not going to call them the other name because it’s just ridiculous, all you Halo fans know what I’m talking about). When Greek people make comments about local events, he can contribute to the conversation because he knows what is going on. As foreign missionaries, it is extremely important for us to know what things are happening in the country we live in. At the same time we try to keep up with current events back in the US so we can be informed as citizens, and because Greek people are always curious to know what we think about what is going on in our home country (although to be honest we try to have as little of a public opinion on that as possible to avoid conflict). Travis also tested this app for me and he loved it! He even posted a funny comic he read on Facebook after viewing it in PressReader.

I can see PressReader being particularly useful for traveling because you can get your hometown news along with important and relevant news from the place you are visiting. It is always good to be aware of what is going on in the country you are traveling to.

Now down to the nitty gritty, how much does this app cost? Well, if you want access to all 2,100 newspapers, you are going to pay $29.99 (USD) a month. Would I pay that much for newspaper access a month? No, I wouldn’t personally because it’s just not in our budget at the moment (nothing personal, I still love this app, but food and rent come first). But if I lived in the US, owned an iPad, iPhone, Android or other compatible device, I would definitely rather pay for this app instead of subscribing to one physical, local paper. The appeal of being able to read news in other countries is extremely attractive to me! There is also the option of purchasing a single paper at a time for around $0.99… and that seems more my style. I could buy a paper once a week and only spend $4 a month and be pretty well informed.

So here’s the big question… would I recommend this app to you, the traveling reader? Yes, absolutely. It is a really cool app, and I feel like it would enrich your trip by helping you keep up with current events while you are traveling around. Not to mention the display on the iPad is sweet, for all you iPad owners out there.

So now let me hit you up with the appropriate links in case you want to investigate this impressive product further:

iTunes Store (for iPhone or iPad): Here you go

Official PressReader Website: Check it!

Happy Travels (and reading)!


Note: PressReader provided me with a free trial version of this app in order for me to review it for you, my lovely readers.