Family of Four Kicked Off Overbooked Flight

I can’t stand this. It physically hurts me to watch this video and hear the flight crew and the officers involved blatantly misquote the laws. They straight out lied. The FAA recommends that your child be in a restraint system when flying because it is so much safer.

This is a screenshot from the FAA website!!

I have discussed that topic on this blog… a lot. Even more after we almost go kicked off a flight for using a carseat approved for air travel. I wrote about our experience here, and I Praised the Lord when our youngest turned three and I wouldn’t have to fight with airlines about this anymore. But families with young children are still being harassed while using air travel on a consistent basis, and now it has escalated further. I cannot believe they actually kicked the family off, and also that none of the other passengers said anything! When we were going through our difficulties other passengers stood up for us.

I always advise families to have the FAA website recommendations printed out and on hand in case airline employees use misinformation to manipulate them. It is also good to have the airline’s policy printed out.

Family of Four Kicked of Overbooked Flight

On April 23rd, a family of four was kicked off a flight for refusing to give up their toddler’s seat on an overbooked flight. In this situation Delta oversold the flight and then tried to STEAL the seat from the family since they had a 2 year old that could fit into one of the parent’s laps. They even threatened to place both parents in jail and take their children away.

This isn’t ok, and it’s time to do something about it.

Attach Your Child’s Carseat to Your Carry On Bag – Update

In my first post about this awesome back saving travel solution, Hitchin’ A Ride: Travel With A Car Seat On Your Carry On Bag, we talked about how to attach your child’s carseat to your bag if your carseat had a latch system. I know that most carseats have those systems these days, but I recently discovered that Go-Go Babyz now makes a strap that doesn’t require the latch system (though you can also use it if you do have a latch carseat). Allow me to introduce you to the Go-Go Babyz Travelmate Car Seat Luggage Strap, retailing on Amazon at 19.99.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 10.09.53 AM

Which Carseat to Carry On Solution is Best?

The only thing negative thing I have to say about this product is that the reviews are less enthusiastic than that of the Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory (which I own and have used on many occasions with great success).

car seat luggage

I just wanted to post about the new option, and let you know it exists… I also think it is worth mentioning that the comments on the Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory is a great place to get ideas of how to travel without purchasing an expensive strap. There are over 200 comments, and the I thought the discussion was very interesting.

Happy travels,


Flying With Children

As of this year I have been traveling with children for over 6 years. It doesn’t seem like that much time could have possibly passed, but I guess having an 8 year old proves that it did. Looking back I can remember all the major incidents, but I’m glad that I took the time to write down the smaller ones and which things really helped me along the way. As I was wandering around today, I noticed that I don’t actually have a post where all of my posts about flying with children are listed. So here it is – a list of all the posts I’ve written about flying with little ones.

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Waiting At The Airport: Time & Money

With the biggest holiday travel time coming up, I thought I would post about how to survive long periods in the airport without spending a zillion dollars. We all know that airline security has also become food patrol over the last ten years, and although I don’t know if it actually has to do more with security or the airport’s bottom line, there are ways to save money and get around spending $10 on a bottle of water.

These are tips and tricks I personally use all the time. I hope you are able to benefit from them next time you have to show up to the airport three hours early for your international flight.

-Bring empty water bottles. My hubby and I are actually on opposite sides of the water bottle camp. I prefer SIGG bottles and he prefers Nalgene. Either way, show up with a bottle for everyone in the family, clean and empty. Once you get through the security, proceed to your nearest restroom and fill up all of your bottles at the water fountain. This way you have water for the rest of your airport waiting time and for your flight!

-Bring dry snacks. Although liquid-esque foods like baby food may be a security issue, dried fruit, crackers, and pretzels are not. I like to pack snacks in the zip top plastic bags because they are easy to get into and they also fit very well into many different types of spaces. Saving space is always a priority when traveling. We also bring a couple pieces of candy as a reward for the girls for behaving on the plane. I’m against too much junk food, but sometimes you have to have candy in your purse. Did I mention this post is really making me miss Wheat Thins?

-Look for the word, “free.” Most airports have free wifi now, so instead of spending $20 on lame magazines for your kids why not let your little one play on Star Fell for a little while before boarding the plane. They will be entertained and educated at the same time! Also, at a lot of European airports there will be things you can do for free. In Budapest they have a fun kids play area where the kids can plan console games on TVs, draw on art boards with chalk, or ride on rocking horses. In Athens there is a museum area you can walk around to learn about Greece along with a new kids play area. It seems to be a new trend to have places for kids to play in airports. It seems that they are finally getting it that kids need a place to unwind before being stuck on a plane for hours. Yay!

-Plan ahead. I know I say this a lot, but it is really important. Sometimes we plan to eat at the airport on purpose. We set aside the money in our budget and use it as a treat time for the girls. The only problem I have with this personally is we usually eat something delicious and greasy, and then I feel airsick the whole flight because I don’t have a gallbladder so my digestive system is really sensitive. So if you have special dietary needs, make sure you follow them (like I should) when you know you are going to be in a not so comfortable situation for the next 14 hours (like stuck on an airplane).

-Make your own fun. A lot of times there is really nothing exciting to do, so we find a quiet corner of chairs where the girls won’t disturb people and let them play “crossing the river” or “chase” around the chairs in order to get some of their wiggles out before they get onto the plane. Getting wiggles out is always a good idea! There have been many times we have been at the airport for 4 or 5 hours before our flight, and it was fine, but only because we had planned ahead and were creative. Creativity is key!

Where is everyone traveling for the holidays this year? Hope everyone has a great weekend and, as always, happy travels!