Ultimate Family Road Trip

grand canyon family

After toting our family halfway across the country of Greece here is a comprehensive list of ways to prepare and enjoy the road trip of a life time.

Planning: Initial thoughts for planning a road trip including planning a budget, and figuring out the best route to take.

Renting A Car, Why? How renting a car in a foreign country can be done, and why it could seriously enrich your trip.

Rest Stops & Potty Breaks: A quick look at an important topic when traveling with children (especially wee ones).

Rules Of The Road: Things you need to know about taking a road trip with your kids BEFORE you get in the car.

Crossing Things Off Your List: How to deal with time and money constraints when you have too many things you want to do.

Sleeping Solutions: Ways to make your car more sleep friendly for your little ones.

Money Saving Tips: Save some money when you are on the road.

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