Potty Training

potty training trainers

How to deal with potty training when you know you will be traveling with your children.

Potty Training – Updated: This is an updated post about potty training which includes potty training tips for little boys.

Introduction: What this series will cover and my experience potty training our oldest daughter.

Accidents Happen (No, But Seriously): Potty training your child in 2 weeks, keeping in mind that accidents will happen.

Think Ahead: A story about what can happen if you are not prepared when you go out with a recently potty trained child.

Setbacks: How to deal with common setbacks that come when you are potty training your child.

Travel Potty: Tidy Tots disposable potty chair liners: a clever product for potty training parents traveling with their children.

The Finish Line: When is potty training over? Can you see the finish line?

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