SER Series


Here is a list of the different travel series on this site. I except this area to grow quite a bit in the next few months, but for now, enjoy!

Passport Central

What you need to know about getting a passport for every member in your family, including passport photo tutorials for US and Canada.

Child Safety and Travel

A series on everything from physical safety, stranger awareness, and airport security.

Traveling While Pregnant

We all know that traveling while pregnant can be a little tricky. Here is a series that will answer your questions and help you prepare for those little bumps in the road…

Potty Training

How to deal with potty training when you know you will be traveling with your children.

The Best Guest

What makes a good guest? This series attempts to answer that question by giving useful instructions on how to become the best guest possible including etiquette that most people don’t think of, and mistakes to avoid.

Picking A Stroller

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between an ok stroller and an awesome stroller? Check out this series where I walk you through the process of picking the perfect stroller for your family.

Ultimate Family Road Trip

After toting our family halfway across the country of Greece here is a comprehensive list of ways to prepare and enjoy the road trip of a life time.


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  1. I like exploring new cities too it is very difficult to get enough learing new cultures. I want to see everything that this amazing planet has to offer. The very interesting cultures is my favortie part of checking out the world.

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