Child Safety and Travel: Holding Hands

Last week we talked about establishing rules and boundaries, and one example of that was teaching your child to hold your hand. Holding hands with your children is one of the amazing joys of being a parent. That little tiny hand with those perfect miniature fingers tucked inside your hand. Ksena once asked me why I hold her hand so much, and my answer was, “Because I love you so much!” She has never forgotten that and whenever she holds my hand she says, “You are holding my hand because you love me so much!” You never know which conversation with your child will stick out in their minds.

Holding hands is also important for safety. It is a physical link between you and your child. Holding hands can give you those extra few seconds to keep your child from running out in front of a car, which they attempt to do more frequently than you would expect. That is why no matter what culture you are in parents have rules about children holding hands with an adult and looking both directions before they cross the street. Traditional hand holding is great, but what if you could get a few extra seconds out of hand holding to keep your child from running off in a public place?

When Ksena was  2 years old I was pregnant with Kati, and Travis was working a lot. I was by myself most of the time and I needed to keep Ksena with me, even though she was getting really fast at walking as I was getting slower and slower with a large baby pressing on a bulging disc in my back. So I started holding Ksena’s a little differently, and I found that it gave me the extra leverage and control I needed to keep her hand in mine for a few extra seconds without hurting her wrist.

Loop your pinky around the back of their wrist!!

How to hold your child's hand.
How to hold your child’s hand.

Here is a picture of Travis holding Kati’s hand at Knott’s Berry Farm and you can see he is implementing this technique. At first it will feel a little strange, but it ends up feeling very normal and comfortable after a few times of doing it. Our kids are totally used to it and so are we. It is something simple that is easy to form as a habit that will give you just a little extra control when you are out in public places with your child.

I hope this tip helps and you and your family have safe and fun travels ahead in your near future!! For more posts in the Child Safety and Travel series, check out the series page.

Happy travels!!


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