Renting a Condo, House, or Apartment – Your Family Vacation

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. My mom is currently visiting us for Easter Break here in Greece, and it is so nice having her here!! It is especially great having her stay in our home with us where we can cook for her and spoil her properly. And that brings me to today’s topic… renting a condo, house, or apartment for your next family vacation.

When you stay at a hotel, there are certain things you just can’t do, like warm up a bottle in the middle of the night, or fix your family a proper dinner. If you are going for a few nights, a hotel may be the solution for you, but if you are going on vacation for two weeks or longer, you should seriously consider renting a place to stay. When you have your family with you, it is nice to have that home away from home feeling going on after a long day of vacation activity goodness.

Rental Family Vacation

Having a kitchen is probably the most notable difference between staying in a rental or a hotel. It can definitely save you money long term, and also save you from eating too many fatty restaurant meals. Staying in a hotel usually means you have to eat out (although I have been known to bring a cooler with cereal and sandwiches inside). You will also probably have more sleeping options and maybe a second bathroom. Location also plays a role because if you want to get a nice hotel room in the center of the city it can cost way more than your budget allows. However, if you find a rental in the center of the city, it may place you right where you want to be while fitting into your budget. Rentals are also usually more ideal for larger families with older children since hotels tend to charge by the person. You can always throw a few sleeping bags on the floor in a rental. Hotels do not seem to be keen on that idea. Of course rentals do not have room service, and may not offer internet services, but you can save quite a bit of money.

So before you finalize your next vacation details, make sure to compare and contrast your options.

For an idea on how to go about finding a rental in your next family vacation destination you can check out for specific ideas and a really cool search engine where all you have to do is type in the city you are interested in visiting. May your spring and summer be full of fun family vacation moments and memories.

Happy travels!!


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