Rain, Rain, Go Away?

I am normally a rain appreciator. I love the rain… the sounds that it makes as it drops down on things, and the clean smell it leaves after it is gone. But there is nothing worse than encountering rain on your trip and not being prepared.

One time we had visitors to Athens, and we only had a few hours to show them the sights. The only problem was it was pouring down rain, our stroller got a flat wheel, and the couple we were with didn’t have rain coats (or coats at all) or an umbrella. They shared our umbrella, Ksena ended up on Trav’s shoulders, and Kati stayed in the stroller which I managed to push about on two tires instead of three. You know how predicting the weather is… that’s why it’s called a “prediction” and not “absolute weather truth.” So here is my list of things to bring on a rainy day adventure, and hey, if you are driving somewhere it’s not a bad idea to keep this stuff in your car anyway, just in case.

-Rain coats for all. Yes, for everyone. Even if one of those “rain coats” is actually an obnoxious yellow poncho that you can carry in your purse. It can be difficult to find really small rain coats for a 1 or 2 year old. The place I finally ended up finding an affordable and practical one was Target, the Circo brand. I haven’t been to Target in a while because I live in Europe now, but I share that info just in case you want an idea of where to go looking. I also love that most strollers are water resistant and will keep your little one dry. Of course, you can also buy a rain cover for your stroller, but since I own a Phil & Teds stroller and my only option was to spend $100 on one, I opted out.

-Umbrellas! We keep umbrellas in the bottom of the stroller if we are walking somewhere. If we are driving they go into the car. We bring two adult ones and a kid sized one just in case one of the kids is walking. Of course you will have to adjust your numbers depending on how many people are in your family. A good place to shop for umbrellas in Europe is Ikea! They have really nice ones for a really reasonable price in their family section. We sport a black one, but they offer many different colors.

-Water resistant shoes. Travis and I each have a pair of Columbia “Omni Dry” tennis shoes that are semi comfy for walking, and keep out rain and snow. I wouldn’t wear mine for a marathon or anything like that, but they are great to wear around on a rainy day when I don’t want to sport rain boots. For the kids we just put them in rain boots. If it is raining, it is likely that they won’t be doing a lot of walking, and their boots are so cute, they will use just about any excuse to wear them.


If you are taking the stroller (yes, we obviously learned this the hard way… lol):

-Make sure you have the hood attachment (if yours comes off), the rain cover, or any other thing that makes your stroller more rain friendly. Even a blanket will work for light, short term showers.

If you have air filled tires on your stroller:

-A patch kit (just a plain old bike patch kit will do for a quick, temporary solution)

-A small tire pump. We carry one of these in the bottom of our strollers at all times anyway. Travis bought it when he used to bike to work, but it works great for the stroller as well.


So there you go. If you are only going to be in a travel spot for a short time, don’t let the rain stop you! Go explore and get your time and money’s worth out of your trip. Of course, stopping by a cafe after your little adventure to warm your belly with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate is warranted, so enjoy!


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