Potty Training: The Finish Line

This is the final post in the Potty Training Series, to catch up on the other articles in their series, please check out the SER Series page.

You’ve spent weeks refining potty time with your little one. You have tested their abilities to communicate and control their tiny bladders by going out on short trips (or day trips with a travel potty). You understand that accidents happen and that potty training is a process that takes time. But when will this process be over? Where is the finish line?

Personally, I believe that the finish line for potty training comes when your little one can get on the toilet, go, wipe, flush, and wash their hands all by themselves when at home. According to this definition of successfully completed potty training, it can take between 3 months to a year. Don’t let this discourage you, because potty training is something you only have to complete with each child once. Of course, I still have to remind my 5 year old to go potty before naps, leaving the house, and bedtime, but that’s because she’s 5. I also have to remind her to brush her teeth and put away her crayons when she is finished coloring.

Remember that setbacks are going to happen. Last night at 8:00 pm, while we had a guest over, Kati snuck into her room and proceeded to drink her full water bottle along with her sisters. I wasn’t surprised when she woke me up at 5:00 am this morning all wet with a soaked bed to match.

The most important thing in potty training is to establish a pattern of behavior, so keep going, be consistent, and I promise it is going to pay off in the end.

I hope you enjoyed this series, as it was extremely interesting to write and experience personally. If anyone has any tips they would like to share on potty training boys, I would love to post those and hold onto them myself as we are expecting to add a little boy to our family sometime in July.

As always, happy travels!


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