Potty Training: Tidy Tots Potty Chair Liners Review

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A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Dinah over at Tidy Tots, a company that makes disposable potty chair liners so you don’t have to deal with the fun job of washing out your potty chair after your little one uses it. She asked me if I thought it would be something that might interest all of you traveling parents out there, and shipped me a box of 16 liners to try out for myself.

It was perfect timing because I had been thinking about what to do on an upcoming road trip where I knew we wouldn’t be able to stop and find a toilet as often as Kati might need one. So we bought a little potty chair at Ikea for 3 euros and voilà, a travel potty for Kati.

Unfortunately, the package didn’t get here until after our road trip, but that’s ok… Kati decided she wanted to test out her travel potty on our front balcony for all of the neighbors to see, hahaha. The bag doesn’t fit completely over the Ikea potty because there isn’t a separate pot area like on a lot of other kids potty chairs, but it still worked great. We just made sure the front was covered because that is where “stuff” is likely to escape from. The coolest thing about this product is the little absorbent pad that comes with each individual bag that will last up to 3 potty times. The bag also has a draw string around the edge so it is easy to dispose of.

I plan on putting the potty and the box of liners in my car and leaving them there in case we are out and need a quick potty break. When we travel to the US I am going to bring my box along for our road trip from California to Colorado.

Overall it is an interesting idea, and I know it would benefit a lot of parents who get grossed out by dealing with cleaning out potty chairs. I specifically think this would be awesome for a pregnant friend dealing with morning sickness and potty training at the same time! One box of 16 liners and absorbent pads costs $7.99 (USD). I don’t know if I would actually purchase this product for home use myself, because we put Kati on the normal toilet, but I will definitely be using it as part of my travel potty system. This is a clever product to keep in mind!

For more information on Tidy Tots and their Disposable Potty Chair Liners, check out their website here: http://tidytots.com

Happy travels!


Tidy Tots provided me with a free sample of their Disposable Potty Chair Liners in order for me to review them for the lovely readers of Sprouts En Route.

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