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Hi there!
Hi there!

My name is Kristin Spencer and I currently reside in Europe with my amazing family of five. Sometimes I can’t believe the exciting life I live, and although it is full of challenges, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in all the world! When I became a mother, there were a lot of things that I thought about and planned for. But one thing I never really thought about was traveling long distances to unfamiliar places or cultures with kids until I was pregnant with our second daughter. During my fifth month of pregnancy we decided following her birth we would to move to Hungary for a year.

I had always heard horror stories about traveling with small children, but I didn’t have any other choice. We were moving to a country I had never even been to before, and taking our newborn and our 2 year old with us. Three years and several countries later I have definitely learned a lot about traveling with small children, otherwise known as “sprouts.” I am writing this blog to share with you all of the mistakes I made (so you can avoid them) and all of the things that actually worked out.

At Disneyland with my best friend / husband.
At Disneyland with my best friend / husband.

Are you a mom or dad getting ready to travel for the first time with your new addition (or not so new, energy-filled toddler)? No need to worry. I am going to break down everything you need to know. I’m also here to assure you that it can be fun (very fun, actually) to travel with your family. Don’t wait to travel with your children until they are teenagers! Trust me, you are about to embark on an adventure that your family will remember for the rest of your lives.

I post new information once a week, and I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to email me anytime with travel questions or tips here: sproutsenroute@gmail.com … I am always looking for new ideas and perspectives and I would love to feature other well-traveled parents’ tips.

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How To Travel Successfully With Your Kids


My wild and crazy kids!
My wild and crazy kids!

A little more about me. I love being a wife and a mother. It can be exhausting, but what amazing experience isn’t? I have been married to my awesome husband, Travis, for 7 years, and he definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone as far as traveling. He has been going all over the world with his father (a pilot) since he was a young boy, and I definitely have to give him credit for showing me the ropes. We have three beautiful children, ages six, four, and one, that make my life much more interesting. I have worked as a teacher, clerical assistant, assistant store manager, and most recently a labor doula. I also have a degree in Comparative World Literature, which basically means I like to read.

The most important thing you should know about me is that Jesus is my personal savior. My husband and I are actually missionaries and that is the reason our family travels so much. We have lived in the United States, Greece, Poland (for a month), and Hungary.

So, that’s me in a nutshell.

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  1. So nice getting a message from you! Thanks for reading, commenting, and following my blog. Our family was given a big gift this Thanksgiving and we were able to fly to Florida from the Dominican Republic and spend some vacation days there with your grandma Dale and Dave and Jenny and family. What a much needed treat!

    Here’s a little trivia for you: when I was pregnant with my first born 23 yrs. ago, your mom loaned me her maternity clothes. It was so nice of her, but I’m 5’7 1/2″ tall and Peggy is quite petite as you know! I was the only pregnant woman around wearing mini dresses! 🙂

    We lived in Germany for 4 1/2 years and travelled quite a bit in Europe, but never made it to Greece. I do know, though, that it is a beautiful place in great need of truth. God bless your ministry there!

    Your (older!) sister in Christ,


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