Just Breathe!

Happy Saturday everyone! I wanted to do a quick post today about how to handle stressful situations while traveling (or just being a mom). I have to admit that sometimes I have wanted to run away from my house screaming after too many arguments between my girls, or constant questions… lol, it pains me to admit that more than once I have told them directly, “You are driving Mommy crazy!” But I’m not perfect, and I don’t know any mother that is.

With that said, here are a few things I do to gain self control back so I don’t go off on my kids.

-Take a bathroom break! This is really important at home because my kids are not allowed to follow me into the bathroom all the time (yes, mommies need privacy too!). So go in there, take a few minutes to collect your self, pray for strength (at least that’s what I do), and go do a puzzle or something constructive with your family. You can also do this while traveling… leave your spouse to deal with the kids for a few minutes while you go to the restroom by yourself. A few minutes of peace goes a long way!

-Breathe! Taking deep, soothing breaths will not only give a few seconds for reflection before you lose it, but it will also lower your blood pressure. I know there are definitely times when I can feel my bp creeping up, and yes, sometimes it’s because my kids are in the next room screaming.

-Occupy little hands. I find that my kids are most likely to scream or misbehave when they don’t have anything else to do. I will give each of my children something to work on, a puzzle, a magnadoodle, something they can focus on, and put them each on their beds so they are not fighting over each other’s items. Or I will put one at the kitchen table, and one in the bedroom. This has saved me on many days. When you are traveling, the concept is the same. Think of things that challenge and entertain your little ones at the same time… drawing activities and things like Duplos or Legos are great for this, and can go in their travel backpacks.

So, those are my three tips for the day. Hope everyone is gearing up for their big holiday trips by planning properly, and as always, happy travels!



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