Dear Jet Lag, I Hate You.

I don’t often use the word, “hate.” It is a very strong word, and since I do my very best to follow Jesus, I’m all about love. But not today. Today I want to use a very strong word like hate, and since it’s in relation to time (which God lives apart from, by the way) I don’t think Jesus will mind.

Let’s back track a bit, shall we? Friday afternoon we left Los Angeles and headed back to Athens via Minneapolis and Amsterdam. I also hate Amsterdam Airport, but that is for another post. Everyone always says that jet lag is worse when you are traveling from West to East, and I have to agree. It is much worse. My general theory behind why is that you are losing time, not gaining it. Although it is nice not to be chasing the sun (East to West), which my children equate with no bed time. As you can imagine, 20 hours later when they still haven’t slept they start to lose it big time.

This trip the jet lag has been really bad. The main reason I think it is so much worse this particular trip is that Timo is old enough to be effected by the major time difference. Unfortunately, every time I get up with him, the girls use that as an excuse to try to get up themselves. I wish I could give you a full proof list of everything you can do to avoid jet lag (like melatonin and sleeping with the blinds open so you wake up naturally with sunlight), but no matter what you do, you are going to have to deal with some amount of jet lag. So you can go ahead and follow those handy lists of jet lag remedies (yes I will be posting one for you later this week, actually), but you also have to face the harsh reality that getting over jet lag takes time.

This is especially true if you have young children because when they wake up, you have to wake up. I found it was much easier to force myself to stay awake or sleep before we had kids. So try to be patient, eat when you wake up so you don’t feel sick when you wake up again, and why not be creative with your time. Travis and I have had a few impromptu date nights at 2 am this week after we got the kids to go back to sleep only to find ourselves wide awake. Last night we watched National Treasure, which is a really great movie in my opinion.

Jet lag is a necessary evil you have to deal with when traveling, but don’t let it keep you from going somewhere!

Back on the other side of the world,

4 thoughts on “Dear Jet Lag, I Hate You.

  1. Kristin,

    I love your attitude, and your heart, and I love how you find the good in everything. I need to learn that! Thanks for sharing!

    Can’t wait to hang out soon!



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