Follow Your Gut

 We have all heard about international scams that target tourists, and unfortunately criminals don’t go on vacation during the holidays. I wanted to write a quick note to remind you to follow your gut, and trust your instincts. If someone invites you to drink for “free” at their bar simply because you are a foreigner and your inner alarm starts going off, get out of there! This is a common scam in Greece where they rope you in, give you a “free” beer and you end up with a 70 euro bill. Someone tried to pull this scam on Travis on his first trip to Greece, but being a former police officer, he is pretty suspicious of everyone in general, and also hates beer.

So remember if a situation seems too good to be true, it might be, and probably is. Especially if alcohol is involved. Follow your instincts as a parent and make sure you research the local scams for the area you are visiting and you should be able to tell the difference between true hospitality (which is by no means rare) and someone looking to scam you.

And I would also re-read this article so you don’t lose your wallet 🙂

Happy travels!


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