Gum In My Kids Hair

We have been driving all over the U.S. and are currently in Indiana. It has been a blast, and I promise I will write more about our trip once we have some down time. For now I will tell you what happened today. We were at the mall with friends and the Information Center was giving out lollipops. What I didn’t was that realize the lollipops had gum in them. Little T actually did fairly well with the gum for a two year old. The problem didn’t come until later when I realized that K had been chewing on her gum, and also on her hair at the same time. (The hair chewing is a new bad habit I am trying to get her to stop. It’s pretty gross.)

gum in kids hair

So when I was getting her ready for bed I noticed that her hair had gum in it. Ugh. Five inches up. I started to think what she would look like with her hair that short and went straight for my friend’s refrigerator. I grabbed her all natural peanut butter, and rubbed it on the spot where the gum was. Then I was able to successfully take the hair off of the gum, and it was time for K to take a shower.

Viola, hair saved!

So the next time you have gum stuck in your little one’s hair, rub some peanut butter on there. In my opinion it works better than ice. If you are traveling in the US you can find peanut butter at pretty much any store.

Happy travels!!

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