Flying In Bad Weather – Guest Post

This week’s guest post comes to us from Ken, a father of three, who knows about traveling with children.

It is important to remember that when you are trying to keep your children calm in situations where they might be frightened, you have to remain calm yourself! Here is some advice from Ken on how to keep yourself calm so that you can exhibit the proper behavior for your kids. Thanks Ken!!

flying bad weather


Flying in Bad Weather

It seems that every day we hear something on the news about bad weather and that across the United States are being delayed and even experiencing some turbulence. We can’t control the weather while flying but we can definitely make a bumpy flight a little more comfortable. Here are some tricks to help you and your kids through the turbulent flight:

Be confident in your pilot: Your pilot has been flying planes for years; they are trained to fly a plane no matter what circumstances they are in. If your flight begins to get bumpy and scary just remember that your pilot is a professional. Pilots eat, breathe and sleep flying and know what they are doing. There are plenty of weather gadgets, gizmos and technology to help airlines keep you the safest.

Keep busy: Turbulence sometimes can last a few seconds or happen throughout the whole flight, the best way to keep calm is to keep busy. Read your book, crank up your music or watch the movie. If these things aren’t helping try talking to the person sitting next to you. Having human interaction can keep your mind off of what is going on and calm you. So get to know the person sitting next to you to get you through your worry.

Plan ahead: The day before and the day of your flight keep an eye on the weather in your departure and arrival city. Most airline websites will also have weather information posted online for their customers. Log on and check it out. Prepare yourself for bad weather by getting mentally ready. Relax before your flight leaves and if you are the few that have to medicate before flights be sure that you do so, as prescribed by your doctor.

Relax: Do your best to relax on your flight. Ask for a blanket and pillow. Take deep breathes and focus on happier thoughts. It is a mind game for most, put yourself at ease and do what you need to do to get there.

Listen and trust flight crew: Flight attendants practically live on planes and have been through turbulence more than anyone. They know exactly what to do and how to act during this time. If you are that nervous, talk to the flight crew to calm your nerves. Listen to everything they tell you and trust them. This too, is their job and their area of expertise.

Author Bio: Ken holds a master’s in business leadership from Upper Iowa University and multiple bachelor degrees from Grand View College.  As president of, Ken’s focus is helping Houston-based parents find the right childcare provider for their family. When he isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his three children and his wife.

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