Family of Four Kicked Off Overbooked Flight

I can’t stand this. It physically hurts me to watch this video and hear the flight crew and the officers involved blatantly misquote the laws. They straight out lied. The FAA recommends that your child be in a restraint system when flying because it is so much safer.

This is a screenshot from the FAA website!!

I have discussed that topic on this blog… a lot. Even more after we almost go kicked off a flight for using a carseat approved for air travel. I wrote about our experience here, and I Praised the Lord when our youngest turned three and I wouldn’t have to fight with airlines about this anymore. But families with young children are still being harassed while using air travel on a consistent basis, and now it has escalated further. I cannot believe they actually kicked the family off, and also that none of the other passengers said anything! When we were going through our difficulties other passengers stood up for us.

I always advise families to have the FAA website recommendations printed out and on hand in case airline employees use misinformation to manipulate them. It is also good to have the airline’s policy printed out.

Family of Four Kicked of Overbooked Flight

On April 23rd, a family of four was kicked off a flight for refusing to give up their toddler’s seat on an overbooked flight. In this situation Delta oversold the flight and then tried to STEAL the seat from the family since they had a 2 year old that could fit into one of the parent’s laps. They even threatened to place both parents in jail and take their children away.

This isn’t ok, and it’s time to do something about it.

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