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Update September 26, 2013: The price for this app is now $3.99… It is a cool app, but I’m not sure I would pay $4 for it when there are so many other awesome alphabet apps.

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You know that one of my favorite things to do on this website is pass on information about things that my kids love! I am always looking for great iPad, iPhone, and iTouch apps that my kids can play on the airplane, in the car, or on the bus.

Endless Alphabet App in iTunes Store

Yesterday I checked out the App store on my iPad and discovered they are featuring a “For Parents” section which lists different apps that parents might like. I am always drawn to the free apps because I don’t like spending money, and the app that caught my attention has totally won over my three-year-old, Katienne.

Endless Alphabet App in iTunes store

“Endless Alphabet” is a wonderful app that teaches kids letters, sounds, spelling, and definitions. The main characters in this app are monsters that cleverly act out the definitions of the words that are on the screen, but the letters themselves end up being the stars. There is a large monster with all kinds of words in his mouth, and when you pick one the word will show up on the screen. Monsters run by, knocking the letters all over the screen and your child has to place them back the correct spot. I was pretty shocked that my younger daughter had absolutely no problem matching the scattered letters to the ones on the word. Yay, my homeschooling has been teaching her something!

As you touch your finger onto each letter they either make the sound of the letter, or the name of the letter (this varies depending on the letter). After the child places all of the letter back onto the word, they hear the word read aloud and see monsters act out the meaning. Then a lovely sounding female voice explains the definition of the word.

To get new words you simply need to go to the “Information” area over and over again until you have all of the current words. This area is protected from your little one getting in by having a sequence of spelled out numbers that you have to type in. This makes me really happy because one of my main complaints about other “children” apps is that my kids always end up in the app store. Thanks so much for this feature Callaway Digital Arts Inc!!

It is currently free in the app store. I have seen websites advertising that it can also be downloaded onto Android devices.

Hope you and your children enjoy it as much as we have!

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