Dressing For An Easy Diaper Change

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We have all been there… tight spaces, a moving bus or plane, the trunk of your car, or your lap. These are all less than ideal places for a diaper change, but when you are a traveling parent, you deal with it. There is a way to make a diaper change in situations like this a bit easier.

easy diaper change while traveling

Dress your baby in the following layers:


-Baby Legs


If you find yourself in cold weather, you can add these items on top of the items listed above:


-Jacket or Sweater


When you go to change your baby, simply take their pants off if they are wearing them. With the baby legs on, you won’t have to worry about their little legs getting cold. Simply unsnap their onesie and change their diaper (aka nappy). This is much easier to deal with than if they are wearing a zip or button up sleeper.

This is a big time saver and I have used it countless times. I pretty much always have Timo in baby legs when we go out. It not only makes for an easy diaper change, but it also keeps his chunky little legs warm (don’t you just love how babies legs have that cute chubbiness to them).

Baby legs are a great tool!

Happy travels!!

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