Dressing Your Kids For Travel

You diligently check the weather forecast before you set out on your road trip, expecting sunshine and clear skies. Forty five minutes into your trip, you realize that dark, angry clouds are following your car with a vengeance. It has happened to all of us. In fact, the last time we traveled to Hungary we took shorts, t-shirts, and sandals, not expecting it to be rainy and gloomy almost the entire month we were there. Ooops. We ended up having to go buy to girls pants and suitable shoes.

Layer, layer, layer!

Whatever circumstances you are going into, the best thing to do when planning what your kids will wear in the car or on the plane is to think about layering. Using layers assures that you can adjust your child’s outfit to be comfortable in any situation. It also helps during instances of car or plane sickness to have a clean layer lying underneath what they are wearing. Of course you should also always pack extras of the essentials, just in case.

Here are the layers that I use when we are traveling. They can easily be stripped down for warm weather, and added back on if things get chilly.


-Jeans (Jeans are great in almost any weather)

-Long-Sleeved Shirt, Fleece, or light Sweat Shirt

-Outer Coat


-Gloves (if really cold)


Obviously, these are very basic items. If you are traveling somewhere hot, you might want to put your little ones in a tank top and shorts, but make sure you have pants and a jacket just in case. This is a simple strategy that could help you avoid hearing, “Mommy, I’m hot,” or “Daddy, I’m cold,” over and over again as you travel.

Happy Travels!


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