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Today I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know about a product that I received to review for you all. Citrus Clear makes a line of natural, holistic face wash and moisturizing products. When they asked me if I would do a review, I was pretty excited because I have sensitive skin, and they have a whole line of products just for people like me. They also have several products that are the perfect size for travel (under 100 ml). I thought that was a winning combination for a travel blog, like mine. They sent three different products for me to test out, and I have been using them over the last two months. Here are my opinions of each product.

Citrus clear review

Sensitive Moisturizer $24.99 (on sale for $14.00)

This was by far my favorite product. I use it every day, and I have noticed that my skin is softer, and my pores are smaller. I am not guaranteeing that it will have the same effect on your skin, but I really like it. It is also small enough to travel with, and I have added it to arsenal of travel bath products. It also lasts a long time, since you only need a little each day.

Tangerine Tingle $18.99

I have to be honest, this was my least favorite of the three. I think that it would be great if I didn’t have oily skin, but I do. I just didn’t find that it got rid of the oil. The little beads inside of it did a great job exfoliating my face and removing dead skin cells, but my face did not feel clean, because as I said, the acids in this product were not strong enough to cleanse the oil off of my face. If you have dry skin, this would be a great product for you!

Grapefruit Spot Treatment $12.00

This spot treatment is like a lot of other spot treatments on the market, using salicylic acid, which I find is great for getting rid of problem spots. It is different, though, from other products in the fresh smell and feel, which I assume is due to the grapefruit. It is also travel size, which is a huge bonus. I would definitely recommend this for any spot treatment needs you have.

My overall impressions of these products were good. I would personally be happy purchasing the Sensitive Moisturizer as my regular face lotion, and with the sale price of $14.00, I feel like it is a really good deal. Just a few ideas for you on your next family (or solo) trip.

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