Awesome Apps for Kids – Road Trip Game

This week Sago Mini has been giving away their app, “Road Trip” for free. I know it is Sunday, and I don’t normally do posts on Sunday, but I wanted to make sure that you had an opportunity to get this app while it is free.

Road Trip App Sago Mini

Road Trip Game

The premise of this app, Road Trip by Sago Mini, is that you are going to visit a friend in your vehicle. Your child gets to choose which friend they will visit. They then pack a suitcase, choose one of many vehicles, and then load the suitcase in the back. Along the way they can fill up at the gas station (which counts up to 100), and jump their vehicle, much to their character’s delight.

My two year old loves this app, but so do my 6 and 8 year old. Go figure. The different vehicles and destinations offer many possibilities, which means they could play with this app for a while. If you are planning a road trip, why not give this app a chance, and let your little one plan a road trip of their own. Thanks Sago Mini, for another fun and kid friendly game.

Happy Travels,


SOUFEEL – Charm Bracelet Review

If you travel a lot, or live abroad like I do, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and special family events can be difficult to plan for. Thankfully this year, Soufeel contacted me about doing a review of their classy and adorable charm bracelets. They asked if I would be willing to send a bracelet to my own mother, free of charge, for Mother’s Day, so that I could review their product.


About Soufeel’s Bracelets

Before I get into the specific impression my mother had about their product, I will share a little about the charms and bracelets that Soufeel offers. Their charms are 925 sterling silver and also fit Pandora and Chamilia bracelets at a lower price (including sparkle murno charms). They have a ton of varieties for the discerning woman in your family. I was able to find something for my mother very easily. Read more