Just Do It… For Denmark?

I don’t know if you have seen the suggestive “Do It For Denmark” competition ad, but Denmark has a problem. What is their problem, you may ask? Well apparently their child birth rates are super low and have been steadily declining, so they are trying to encourage their citizens to procreate. Read more

Sherlock and Clean-Shaven Doctors

Sherlock Clean-Shaven Doctor Who Wholock

This is completely unrelated to the general topic of the blog, but if you want to know something interesting about me, I am a Whovian. I am also a huge fan of Sherlock, and in general of Steven Moffat… although he tortures me! Every Wholock fan knows what I’m talking about. I literally cannot believe this hasn’t been posted as a meme yet due to the Steven Moffat / Mark Gatiss connection (Since Mark wrote this episode… he is also a HUGE Whovian and recently put together the film “An Adventure in Space and Time,” which documents the beginning of the show, Doctor Who). So yes, if you don’t watch Sherlock, you should. And here is my first Wholock meme. Enjoy.


New Year – New Plans

Happy New Years to all you travel minded families out there! I’m excited to get back into blogging. If I’m being completely honest, I will admit that by November I was pretty burnt out on blogging. My life got crazy busy and I just needed a break. One of those crazy things that happened was that I turned 30 in December!! So far I like being 30. I am glad to report my blogging slump is over and I am extremely excited about what this year has to bring in general and here on Sprouts En Route.

This is what 30 looks like! I admit, I did photoshop one zit out... but other than that, you see what you get.
This is what 30 looks like! I admit, I did photoshop one large zit out of the photo… but other than that, what you see is what you get.


First of all, I am going to finish all the series I started last year but didn’t have a chance to complete. This means there will be more posts on Traveling and Child Safety along with the completion of my Better Family Photography series.

I am also thrilled to announce that our family will be completing a Coast to Coast road trip this summer in the United States, and you will be coming along with us! We are going to be blogging and video blogging our way through many different states, and there will also be some unique sponsorship opportunities for businesses to advertise in different ways. I will give out more information on this as the planning gets more detailed. I am also going to try to set up one or two meet ups along the way for you readers if there is any interest.

Another goal I have is to publish a Family Vacation Travel Guide where you can write down all your plans in one place. So be on the look out for that later on in the year!

With a new year beginning I thought I would do a short 2013 review… here we go!

5 Most Popular SER Posts in 2013:

#5 – Phil & Teds Verve: The Ultimate Double Stroller

#4 – Hitchin’ A Ride: Travel With A Car Seat On Your Carry On Bag

#3 – SER Baby Travel Pillow – Tutorial DIY

#2 – DIY Passport Photos Tutorials: Adults, Children, and Toddlers

and for the second year in a row…

#1 – Infant Passport Photo Tutorial (with almost 12,000 views!)

There were 104 new posts and visitors from 155 different countries.

So let me throw out one giant THANK YOU to all of the readers that took the time to check out my humble little place on the web, and especially the people that shopped Amazon through the site. Also a big thanks to every single person that left a comment. Comments are my happy place! I am looking forward to the places 2014 takes us!

Happy Travels,


WestJet Travel Holiday Miracle – Tis The Season

There is a reason that some videos go viral online, and although I usually avoid posting them on here, this one is special. I will admit, when I watched this video, I started crying. It is extremely touching, and it is one of the most amazing advertising ideas in the universe. Does it make me want to fly with WestJet? Absolutely, yes! Check it out for yourself:

WestJet Christmas Miracle

This is one of those holiday gestures of generosity that would make pre-ghost Scrooge go off on a bah-humbug-ical tirade.

I hope you enjoy it and are enjoying this wonderful time of year.

Happy Travels,