Taking Small Children to Disneyland

I have been wanting to write an article about this for a long time, but it was only recently that I was able to go to Disneyland with all three of my children. We went for my husband’s birthday during August. It was amazing! There were a lot of new things I hadn’t seen or experienced yet, and my five year old was definitely in a state of wonder. I could go on and on about every fun thing we did, but the point of this post is to help you do as much as you can during your Disney day without causing the small members of your family to have a mental breakdown. So join me in my journey today as we discuss taking small children to Disneyland, California.

Pick a Park

There are two separate amusement parks, Disneyland and California Adventure. There are amazing things to do at both parks, but there is no way you can do everything in both parks in one day. One of the best ways to check out the parks is to visit Disneyland’s official website here. If you are headed on a family vacation just to go to these parks I recommend the 7 Day Park Hopper passes. They are the best value and you will have plenty of time to do everything in both parks. If you don’t have 7 days, then I would go with the 3-Day Park Hopper. If you are only going for one day, pick one park.

Inside California Adventure.
Inside California Adventure.

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Countdown – Road Trip America

Road Trip America

I have been on a bit of a hiatus attending my beautiful cousin’s wedding in amazing Colorado. In two days we are leaving for an insane road trip all the way across America. We will be leaving from Colorado, heading to Virginia, and then back to California.

I am really excited and I can’t wait to share our road tripping experience with you all, sharing our tips and tricks for a fun family road trip. Plus I will also be sharing our money saving tips!! *insert big smile*

Get ready America, the Spencer family is coming!!!

Why I Love Traveling With A Family

These last two weeks have been crazy. We have been repainting our apartment and helping our neighbors, that have three young children, make the huge move from Greece to Canada. Helping them pack reminded me all over again why I have poured myself into this blog for the last three years.

Traveling with kids is difficult. There are so many things that could go wrong, and a successful trip is usually successful because of all the “accidents” you plan for, just in case. I always pack like my oldest will get car sick, when she doesn’t. I always pack extra clothes for accidents and spills that do not always occur. I double check three separate times to make sure I haven’t forgotten our passports, even though the odds are that I won’t forget them.

Family day at the zoo in Athens, Greece.
Family day at the zoo in Athens, Greece.

When I think about all the different what-ifs that I plan for, it makes traveling with my family seem like maybe it’s just too much trouble to deal with. But then I step back and get a look at the bigger picture, my children are exploring and understanding the world. Traveling helps them reach outside of themselves and take a look at people and cultures that are completely different than anything I could offer them on my own. They ask questions they have never asked before. They think about things that would have never crossed their cute, spongy minds otherwise. They make important memories, and connections with the people within and outside of our family. These are the reasons why I spend so much time teaching people how to plan for the what-ifs of traveling with a family!! Because I don’t want you to miss out on the joy of all of these wonderful and marvelous moments because your child is walking around, completely uncomfortable in stained and smelly clothing all day. I don’t want you to lose your mind because your child is so thirsty and hungry that they are insufferable because you forgot to pack some snacks and water bottles. I give out all of these tips not to sound like a cranky nay-sayer, but because I care about the quality of your family time! I want you to have the best trip possible, every trip. I want you to love traveling with a family as much as I do.

Sure there are many times when I’m completely exhausted and all I want to do is sleep, or have five minutes of quiet. However,

I wouldn’t trade any of our indescribable moments growing as a family for an ounce of my missing sanity.

Do I travel with three kids under 7 because I have to? Yes. But I also do it because I love it, and my family loves it! Would we travel if we didn’t have to? I really believe we would.

So when you are browsing around this website and you wonder why I have written over 200 articles on how to have a great trip traveling with a family, it’s because I want you to have a blast with your kids, just like my husband and I do!

Now, where is everyone going this summer?

Happy travels,


Find the Cutes – Kickstarter Campaign

Vincent, the creator of “Find the Cutes” a search and find playbook for children, asked me if I would let you all know about the Kickstarter campaign for his cute and labor intensive book. You can look at the Kickstarter page here.

Cutes kickstarter (10)

Good luck on your endeavor Vincent!!

The Tacky Box

I get all kinds of emails every week asking me to share about new parenting products, and I thought this product was very unique. It is called “Tacky Box” and it is a parenting tool to help you teach your children to choose what they say very carefully. I like the way they use the word, “tacky” to represent inappropriate behavior and words. I haven’t personally tested this product out, but I think it is worth thinking further about. Here is a short video from the creators, a Mom and Grandma team (they are seriously adorable).

I really think this would be a great tool for teaching about the damage of tacky language and more specifically gossip, which is always a difficult thing for young children to understand. Here is a quick description of Tacky Box.

“The Tacky Box preserves innocence and trains the heart of a child. Not only will it will help your child make the right choice when he or she is exposed to the inevitable, but ultimately, the Tacky Box will help you be the best parent you can be.”

You can check out their website here, Tacky Box.

Thanks to Jo Trizila for the heads up on this wonderful product.

Happy Travels,