The BubbleBum: Best Booster Ever

When we bought our Skoda Fabia (a tiny, super compact, five-seater) from another family in Athens, I immediately started thinking about how we would fit three car seats in the back. I knew it could be done because the family that owned it before us had three children. But they had three booster type seats in the back, and I needed to be able to fit Timo’s Britax Marathon in the back in addition to the two girls. I emailed an expert, The Car Seat Lady, to ask her what would securely fit into the back of our car, and she suggested I look into the Bubblebum, an inflatable booster seat that is lightweight and only measures 13 inches wide. This fact makes the Bubblebum the narrowest booster seat on the market today, and when you are trying to fit three children safely in the back of an Athenian car, this is a must have!

In addition to its narrow width, this booster has a few other amazing things going for it. First of all, it is easy to move in and out of cars. There are three clips that attach to the seatbelt with the third one fitting behind the child to position the shoulder belt so it is not digging into your child’s neck. Secondly, it is light, and can deflate and be rolled up so it is easy to stash in any kind of bag. I cannot forget to mention that it comes with its own carry pouch. This booster seat is perfect for travel!!

It also passes The Car Seat Lady’s safety checklist, which is obviously the most important factor when choosing a booster for your child. And for your piece of mind, yes that includes passing safety tests while deflated.

Can it get any better? Yes! Not only is this a super practical device, it is also adored by my 5 year old Ksena who loves the name as much as she loves how comfy it is while in the car. You can use this booster for everyday (like I do) or for trips where you don’t want to haul a large booster seat back and forth. Just make sure that you follow the guidelines regarding height and weight (for kids 4 years and up, from 40-80 lbs [18 to 36 kilos], and 3’4″ – 4’9″ tall).

To all my European friends out there, you can also find the Bubblebum on Amazon UK, and it will come with the european car seat specifications on the bottom.

Now to attend our final plans as we are getting ready to leave for on a road trip to Colorado this Friday!

Happy Travels!!


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